Holistic Science Unveils the Treasure of Unprecedented Positivity

Nov 26, 2017

Nothing but light is genuinely majestic in chasing away the darkness.

‘No’ is only competent of introducing blockage, which limits the vision. While ‘Yes’ offers a vision until infinity. At first, both Yes and No come to us as a choice and the one we select, it sets our way in a completely opposite manner than the other. Negativity arises from doubt, which ruins the goodness around.

The Holistic Scientist says: “The greatest negation of being a human being is to say ‘I cannot do it’, and it is a great loss of human life resulting in gaining lower form of animal life. This is a principle of Nature.”

We remain unaware of our own potential as long as we choose to be the slaves of ‘No’ and absolutely nothing on Earth could ever change this vision except light. Light is holistic by its very nature and therefore it is capable of eluding the darkness.

In darkness, even a person with good eyesight can misunderstand an elephant for wall or a pillar or even a rope! This gives us a very crucial insight regarding the converging nature of all darkness.

Albert Einstein used the phrase “Stubbornly Persistent Illusion” to describe the unescapable nature of time. In a very similar way, darkness aptly fits to be a Stubbornly Persistent Illusion too. What causes one to stay contained within the limitedness of uneasiness?

In the very first place, every disease (negativity or darkness) originates in the mind, only then it starts to affect, according to the Holistic Scientist. Stepping out of mind remains a myth without the exact principles.

Science is never a compulsion but pure understanding. Holistic Inner Science shifts the scope of mind from an ‘Untamed Theme Planner’ to a ‘Live Show’, which is peacefully watched by ‘The Knower’. (Now you need not to run out of the kingdom when you are the King; it was the dream you saw as a pauper!)

The Knower over here is neither a character from any plot nor any concept of imagination, but it is the live science that resides within every living being, which we call as Life. Life is so rare to realize that every creature carries the overloaded burden of one’s deeds.

It takes a Holistic Scientist to shake-off this erroneous notion of burden by letting one to settle in one’s perpetual nature of Life, in a way that an unprecedented positivity starts its reign. This is the master stroke of the Life within a mortal.

The Holistic Scientist says: Once the “Knower” is ‘Known’, everything is known and whatever is known for one as a knower, there is nothing that remains to be known. 

-Kritika Bohre