Pursuit of Happiness

Nov 26, 2017

In this day and age, people wander aimlessly in search for temporary happiness and
money. Men and women slave for countless hours to acquire wealth. Unfortunately, most of these people will never satisfy their hunger for this temporary happiness. As soon as we upgrade, what do we do? We look towards the next upgrade! When will this ladder of worldly desires end? In reality, this ladder has no end. If money and upgrades are the ultimate goal, this ladder is of infinite height in this world. It is without doubt that wealth is of high significance. Money is not the root of evil, the love for money is

Pursuit of Business
Business however is a very puzzling path. In business, one partakes much of stress. Traditional business requires investment. Monetary investment is not the only form of investment an owner must make, the owner has to also submit in full his time, sweat and blood. With investment, the owner also faces the fear of the failure. "What if this business doesn't make it? All investment of money and time will be lost!" Finding reliable people is also crucial to running the traditional business. The wrong people can harm the traditional business within the blink of an eye.

Pursuit of freedom
Thus, in order to truly upgrade our lives for once and for all, we must strive for freedom from our worldly thirsts and hungers. Freedom however can only be achieved, when one is completely satisfied and ultimately has no one to answer to. Freedom is a destination of many roads. However, most roads have their length, their curves and hills and their crosses. And so, it can be rather difficult to navigate our path. The ideal path is the shortest and smoothest. This road is none other than being your own boss.

Pursuit of ideal business: The Life
Thus, what is the ideal business? First, the ideal business should be based on dreams. Dreams empower us to become infinite. If our mindset is right, our dreams are bound to come true. The speed and capability of the mind is superior to all, losing only to the potential of one's Pure Soul. The ideal business should be one of virtually no risk. No investment of both time and money should be needed. The ideal business should be a business of compounding and high growth. The fastest growth is exponential and so, the success of the ideal business lies within the ease of its multiplication. We should benefit by helping others succeed. Reward will come to those only who do, not for oneself, but do for the betterment of others.

Pursuit of freedom
It is only by achieving first this 'Relative' freedom from our worldly desires that we can understand 'Real' freedom. Ultimate happiness lies within these freedoms and can only be obtained when truly being free. The ideal business model of life is in essence the one road suitable for all vehicles. It is simply a matter of defining one's dream, FREEDOM!

Are we blessed to have found such a 'business'?

(Translated from edited excerpts from discourse of Holistic Scientist Shree Kanudadaji)