The Purpose of Human Life is Benevolence

Dec 29, 2017

The purpose of life is to use mind, speech, and body for the use of others. Research shows that people who help others have less tension and enjoy higher sense of inner satisfaction. Their spirituality increases. They have a sense of gratitude and are not in competition with others.

This research has science behind it. Those  who are benevolent and use mind, speech and body for others have  all their needs met by nature. As a result, their life is full of happiness. Religion starts with obliging nature. When you do something for others, your happiness increases.

The aim of human life is to break the infinite cycle of birth and death and get free (Moksha). The Holistic Scientist Shree A.M.Patel did that his entire life. He had one aim; anyone who met him must be showered with happiness. He did not worry about his own happiness but always took care of others' problems. He had compassion and that is why he attained self-realization.

Every human being lives but how much  humanity is part of that life? One gets born, studies, works, marries, has family, and then dies! Is this how one wants to live? What is the ultimate aim of this kind of life? What is the purpose of taking a birth? What do we gain out of it? We have the embodiment of a human; then should we not fulfill our duty as a human being? We should have humanity in us. What does humanity mean? When someone hurts you, or gives you unhappiness or problems, we do not like it. In the same way we should not hurt anyone or cause problems for others. This is the highest form of humanity. One who knows this and acts accordingly, fulfills the promise of humanity.

Once one has achieved human form, then they can go into any of the four forms; human form, animal/plant form, angel form, and hellish form. This is dependent on what causes one creates. Causes will determine the effect. If we become humane, then we will get the birth as human being. If we become inhuman, then we will get birth as plants or animals. If we do evil acts and then we will get birth in hell. If we live by helping others without any expectation and do good deeds, then we will be born as angels.

Compiled from Vitrag Vignan of Holistic Scientist Shree A.M. Patel from the article published in Dharmdarshan.