Complainer is Guilty

Mar 29, 2018

We need to learn to adjust at home. If we come home late at night, what would our family members say? “Please try to come home earlier.” Is it not our duty to come home on time? So, ‘Adjustment’ needs to be made over here.

If the bullock of the cart doesn’t get going, then it gets hit by the rider with a stick having a nail in it! If it keeps walking, then it wouldn’t get hit. Poor dumb animal, whom is it going to complain?!

On the other hand, if humans get hit, there would be many people who would come to their rescue. But now, why did the bullock got hit? This is because previously he had complained a lot while in the human form and this is the result it is getting back and now it just cannot complain! When he had the power to ‘Adjust’ to do right things, he had complained a lot and now it does not have any power so it has to bear the pain without complaining.

Now, based on this example we have to learn to do plus - minus. So, decide never to complain. Because if you complain, then there would be every chance to become accused in the eyes of the other person with a counter complain and hence there would be serious paybacks. We do not want to be an accused or an accuser (complainer) either. If someone curses us or does anything (good or even bad) we just ‘accept’ it. Truly there is no legitimate reason to complain. So, beforehand we must ‘Adjust’. Afterall, what is wrong in ‘Adjusting’?

But if you complain, then you become an accuser, a complainer. Holistic Scientist considers the person who complains, himself is the accused, as ‘guilty or accountable’. Why at all did you have a situation to complain? It is observed that most of the people who complain are themselves guilty in the eyes of the Mother Nature. So, in principle, if someone is guilty, then only he would complain. And still if you complain, you will become the complainer and naturally the other person would accuse you back! So, in the eyes of the other person you would become the accused. So, never complain against anyone.

Now recall the purpose of learning ‘Multiplication’ and ‘Division’ in our school mathematics class? When you ‘Multiply’, value/things increase, grow, and proliferates. But when you ‘Divide’, value/things decrease, subside and reduces.

So, if you see anything wrong in the other person, tell your mind that, ‘The person is a good person and you are the one who is actually wrong’.

In this way, you have changed the ‘Multiplication’ to ‘Division’ and there would be no ‘Remainder’. In the same way, if there is ‘Division’, then do ‘Multiplication’. This is how Holistic Science teaches us to amicably take care of our day to day life circumstances. So, ensure that there is no‘Reminder’ remaining anywhere.

By thinking that the other person said,‘This and that to me’, is criminal. While walking if you hit a wall, do you ever complain to the wall? No, we tell that it is inert. By the way, what happens to you when you are hit by some humans? Consider the other person as a tree only! Imagine if a cow steps on our foot, do we ever complain?  This is how we have to take it while dealing with others. What is the basis on which Holistic Scientist forgives everyone? He knows that people don’t seem to understand their life’s happenings, which are exactly like hitting the tree but those who understands will immediately realize their mistakes and do ‘Repentance’ (ask for forgiveness).

So, now think, who would ever come to a person and complain? One who is guilty will only come and complain!

However, in this difficult era things are such that those who are the judges, they take side with the people from whom they hear first. It is like when the father comes home, and the daughter immediately complains about the brother, the father takes her side and treats the son as culprit even before understanding what really had happened. Why is it that the daughter complained first and not the son? And what the son might have done doesn’t come into picture at all but the father being ‘sensitive’ will simply take side of the daughter. Father would not conclude that since the daughter came first to complain, she is the one who is to be blamed as the guilty party.

Similarly, people would come and complain to the Holistic Scientist about their home problems. But he would always listen to all and then only make any judgment. So, by making proper judgments, complains would not increase and the complainer who is truly the guilty party would feel that I should be careful in the future about complaining, since I will definitely get caught over here.

The world is such that “Whatever happens is just and correct!” So, there is no reason to complain at all. It is only the guilty ones who would like to complain, give false manipulated details, and become an ‘arbitrator’! Holistic Scientist would never entertain any complaint from any such ‘arbitrators’. The way mud tells us (silently) that if you put your hands into me, your hands would get dirty and you will have to wash them. We have to learn to take the best care of our self-such that no one becomes an ‘arbitrator’ in our life.

Some people, all day would keep on doing, ‘mine and yours, mine and yours,’ for everything, which they are not going to take along with them when they die. What are you going to take along with you for the next life? All quarrels and puzzles done with others! Any charity done and of course ego will be going along with you. Anger, pride possessiveness, attachments, aversions, and greed you are going to take along with you. So, be careful.

We should not see others’ faults otherwise our life will get spoiled. One must keep looking at one’s own faults only. This life is the result of our past Karmas only so why complain at all?

Saying, “You are like this and you are like that”, itself is a big aversion and a bad karma get created while talking casually sitting at the dinner table. World goes on like this with these kinds of aversions. That is why Holistic Scientist has categorically said to resolve everything amicably and magnanimously so that no karmas are created while others phase out.

- Translated from article on Complaint from AkramVignan, Feb 2018.