Apr 28, 2018

“There can only be one doer. If God has made everything then there is nothing for us to do, and if we are the doer then there is nothing for God to do!”

First of all, what is the dictionary meaning of God?

  1. A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, originator, and ruler of the universe; the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions.
  2. Omniscient means all knowing and omnipotent means all powerful, fully harnessing the inner energy for the welfare of the universe.
  3. A being of super natural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by people, especially a MALE deity thought to control some part of nature or reality.
  4. The sole Supreme Being, eternal, spiritual, and transcendent, who is the Creator and ruler of all and is infinite in all attributes.
  5. Generator, Operator, and Destroyer of the world.

Holistic Science has revealed the following basic facts regarding our Universe, God, Living beings, Human Life, and Mother Nature:

  1. Universe is jam packed with living beings of all four life forms viz. Humans, plants and creatures, Angels and hell; and from one-sense (only Touch) to five-sense viz. Touch, Taste, Scent, Sight, and Hearing in progression.
  2. Universe and so the Living beings are all fundamentally made up of Six Perpetual Eternals viz. Soul, Matter, Space, Motion, Inertia, and Time.
  3. Matter in association with the living beings is identified as Live Matter, simply to differentiate from the non-living inert physical matter.
  4. Soul is the only divine and spiritual element with its unique attributes of PERCEPTION and KNOWLEDGE. It is identified as the GOD element of Absolute Purity that remains totally separate from all other perpetual elements, in spite of its close association with them within the living form by virtue of its distinctiveness quality.
  5. There are principally only two things in the world. First is Soul as GOD element with its divine activity of Perceiving & Knowing. Secondly, CIRCUMSTANCES comprising of the other five eternals with their activities in connection with the natural living instincts of FOOD, SLEEP, FEAR, and REPRODUCTION.
  6. These basic instinctive activities become unnatural especially in human society under the potent pressure of self-ignorance and resultant egoistic living under the influence of anger, pride, possessiveness, greed, likes, and dislikes, which becomes the very cause of unhappiness, pain, and disharmony among them.
  7. The effects of such unnatural living get direly reflected on the Ecosystem and Mother Nature as a whole and eventually on other living beings also.
  8. Ego thus born out of ignorance, wanders in the four life forms depending upon his Karmic projections. Ego, in the very presence of the Pure Soul-God, could be positive or negative, which in the present time it is mostly negative. However, it is ego that bears the consequences of its positivity through worldly happiness and comforts and the same ego bears the consequences of its negativity through worldly unhappiness and discomforts. As per Holistic Science both happiness and unhappiness are suffering only. It finally transcends into the Perpetual Spiritual Being through the Right Knowledge of Self and understands that he is wholly and solely responsible for himself, which he falsely believed as ‘Doer’ at times by identifying himself as the body-self and as ‘Knower’ at other times, but unknowingly. And now, But with the understanding of Holistic Science, he starts living with total HUMILITY and MINDFULNESS leading to the total elimination of ‘Doer-ship’; thus emerging as Perpetual Pure Soul Divine Being -- God that ONLY PERCEIVES and KNOWS, freeing from REBIRTH forever!”

Let us now go through some of the very subtle, logical, rational, and thought provoking intelligent arguments of the Holistic Science:

  1. If the world is created by God, then who created God? And then who created God's creator? One can keep going on and on and on... I believe, with this understanding we cannot come to any finality of a precise answer!
  2. Also, when did he create the world? Because the Holistic Revelation in this regards is: “World is perpetual -- without beginning and is endless.”
  3. If God is the doer, then he is like a potter or a cobbler or even a shoe maker, which doesn’t sound right. Also, if he is truly doing everything, then would you ever be responsible for anything? No. We falsely believe ourselves egoistically as ‘doer’ for every good thing and conveniently put the blame on others for the bad things! Egoistically, harnessing the omnipotence of God, Ego creates his own world in which he has to suffer. But the perpetual fact is neither God nor you are the doer. As Holistic Science has revealed: “God is creator by Hindu viewpoint, by Christian viewpoint, by Muslim viewpoint, but not by fact. By fact, it is only ‘The Scientific Circumstantial Evidence/s’ [SCE/s].
  4. Now, does God really exist? Yes, he does exist. Then what is his address? Is it the heavenly abode up in the sky? No. There is nobody living up in the sky, there are celestial bodies – Angels up there. Rather, the Holistic Science Revelation is: “God is in every creature, whether visible or invisible but not in creation -- not in manmade things!”
  5. Look at the ocean, it appears as if the waves get created and they die (subside). However, water remains forever. It is the SCE i.e. nature – coming together of water, sunlight, and heat combination that the pressure is created and the wind blows creating disturbances in the water, which we call them as waves. Now imagine, where is the need for any God in this natural happening?
  6. A piece of iron when fully dipped in seawater never gets rusted, never gets oxidized. However, when left outside in the open air on the seashore it easily gets oxidized and gets rusted. Again, is God needed to do this? Definitely no! It is the coming together of the Scientific Circumstantial Evidences of the iron, seashore, and moist salty air that it gets rusted. This is a very simple pure Natural Science.

So, there are no miracles in the nature, but it is the science of coming together of specific ‘Causes’—Evidences and their subsequent ‘Effects’ i.e. SCE which makes thing happen; and not doing by any particular Evidence, which most of the time, we conveniently hold it solely responsible! Holistic Science calls this collective coming together of the various causes of people and/or things, which make things. We call them Happening (fruits of the past seeds) -- Circumstances in nature are only ‘Scientific Circumstantial Evidences’!

Unfortunately, people do not have knowledge of this Natural Science to solve every mystery of happening that surrounds them. This is simply because they are plagued with ignorance -- lack of knowledge i.e. they lack the ‘Science of Circumstances’ which Holistic Science has so gracefully revealed to us.

For example: Of all the people in the crowd, why did my pocket get picked? Look around! Who is suffering today? Is it the pickpocket or me? One who has lost his money, he is in pain, and today I am suffering and not the pickpocket because I am paying for my past misgivings! While the pickpocket is enjoying his new fortune today, he will be punished by the nature for sure; he will be caught like me in the future. Holistic Revelation for this is, “Sufferer is at fault!”

In the same way, it is not the mistake of the person who shot the arrow! It is the mistake of the person who got hit by the arrow, who is suffering today. But in the world, socially this is not acceptable. When the person who shot the arrow gets caught and proved guilty then it will be his mistake and would be punished, but now the person who got hit has been caught in the nature, being suffering today.

So, whose mistake is it? It is of the one who suffers. The primary mistake is that you ignorantly believed you are John or you are Sandy. This wrong belief causes pain and suffering. If this wrong belief is removed through Self-knowledge, the world would be without any faults.

The aphorism, “Adjust Everywhere”, will take you to the zenith of effectively discharging your worldly duties. No one has got freed or liberated without doing so. One has to resolve the worldly life puzzles in an amicable manner so as to not accumulate new Karmas.

Where there are differences or clashes, there is no presence of God, and it is not even a sound worldly activity either, then how will it ever be a pious religious activity? So, we must resolve to ‘Avoid Clashes’ for our own peace, happiness and harmony.

So, God is the divine eternal entity as Pure Soul within all living beings. It remains within us as a mere witness only. And we live as Ego, ‘I am John’ or ‘I am Sandy’ for example. This is irrespective of our religious belief whether I am Hindu, Jain, Christian, Jew, or Muslim. The divine power of Perception and Knowledge of God gets primarily realized and experienced indirectly by us (as John or Sandy) through the 5-senses, which we all have. Our mind gets inspired through the Karmic Causes of the past lives based on the thoughts that sprout and further make us (John or Sandy) do things in connection with the Karmic Suffering we (John or Sandy) have to pass through, which is not possible without the presence of God, our Real Self, who unfortunately we are not aware of. Our body self (John or Sandy) is our Relative Karmic Self making us (John or Sandy) suffer all day and night -- 24X7.

Karmic connections, in the presence of God – Pure Soul, inspire us and that’s how we end up doing things which eventually makes us suffer as part of our discharging Karmas only, and not otherwise! Discharging Ego makes us suffer, whereas Charging Ego conceives us for the next life through wild ignorant doer-ship projections.

The Charging Ego continues only until you are Self-realized as God when it stops, and then what remains is Discharging Egoistic activity only. Through Self-realization you come to know yourselves as God – Pure Soul that ‘I am’ when you simply start “Perceiving” and “Knowing” all discharging Karmic effects of Ego (John or Sandy) through SCE i.e. nature.

Now, in the matter of two to three lives mainly elevated humans or higher form of Angels with a maximum of 15 lives in total and the definite last life of human only, when all Karmic Effects get fully discharged for you to attain perpetual freedom -- Nirvana, emerging and experiencing ourselves as God of absolute Bliss! This is how we all are Divine Spiritual Beings as omniscient, omnipotent, all pervading God of absolute Bliss!!


God as Perpetual Pure Soul Eternal Element, although with its divine qualities of Omniscience, and Omnipotence, is only passively-active; present in every living being. And so unfortunately, it is totally lame without getting personified (which should be the goal of every human).

Now, as we have already seen above, “Knowledge” is the primary attribute of God as Pure Soul. And Activities is the attribute of the Body-self through Scientific Circumstantial Evidences (SCEs) of Mother Nature, caused by collective egoistic doer-ship projections. Ego in the ignorant state does the representation of God. The divine Knowledge-light of God through the filter of the Ego, indirectly acts as Intellect. The intellect keeps discriminating and protecting Ego by judging others at fault, resulting into self-hurt. Thus, in every human life Ego creates a new mind through ignorant wrong beliefs, resulting in the vicious cycle of rebirth. Absorbed in our Ego, we take credit for every success and conveniently blame others, including God for our failures.

Now, in spite of all these, in principle, every living being is the TEMPLE of God! But it is only possible in the human form when that individual once Self-realized gradually gets rid of all his weaknesses of anger, pride, possessiveness, greed, likes, and dislikes through self-retrospection and correction; he finally becomes even SUPERIOR to God when the divine qualities of Omniscience and Omnipotence become actively-passive! Through such embodiment of God, this egoless person becomes a universal guide in principle for the entire humankind. This enlightened person’s mind is totally free from discriminating wrong beliefs, intellect is non-existent, and vision is that everyone is innocent still living in the world with total humility like other common humans. This enlightened state was accomplished by Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavira, Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad and many others. They came at different times in different eras, and depending upon the condition of the prevailing human society then and their outlook, these individuals portrayed themselves as “Son of God” or “Messenger of God” or “God Personified” and did the welfare of the human society with the same Holistic Science in their hearts, with the fundamental principle of “Discrimination-free Vision” and “Total Humility”. The proof of their perfect humility is that they earned a respectable place in the hearts of many people. Interestingly, during their time none of them professed any brand of religion, but after their passing away people formed religion around their teachings!! So, what remained are the ritualistic Religions with conflicting beliefs, each trying to prove their perfectness, dominance, and genuineness, claiming their path as the only “WAY OF LIFE!” Now, this is also correct but only when they all have the same principles of Holistic Science in their hearts without any discrimination and bias. With this correct understanding when one builds a Temple, let it be anywhere but without any controversy. A Temple where followers are taught Holistic Science with the belief that true abode of God is our Body, the moving divine Temple. And wherever such a Living Temple goes, he or she will create the same atmosphere of unity, love, and universal brotherhood. Here, we want to recall what the scientist of the millennium, Albert Einstein has said so thoughtfully and precisely: 

“Science without Religion is lame, Religion without Science is blind.”

So, inner Perpetual Pure Soul Eternal Element, God with the perfect understanding of the Holistic Science in our hearts, whichever Religion we may profess and follow, we will be able to coexist perfectly as human society of ONE HEART, which is the need of the present chaotic TIME!

By Deepakanandji Mistry,
Holistic Inner Science expert and educator on Happy and Harmonious Daily Living