Secrets of Holistic Living: Opinion

Apr 28, 2018


Habit of dividing the outside situation in good and bad - actually divides the inner psychological energy and slowly reduces it. Acceptance multiplies and opinion divides the energy. Opinion lowers down the level of inner psychological energy.

A human system under the effect of 'Opinion' loses the ability to see the fact, especially subtle facts underlying the events.

The loss of psychological energy under the effect of opinion makes a man/woman a daydreamer, a wishful thinker, continuously planning (defensively) instead of observing the plans.

Low energy level of the mind opens the gate of negativity. One tends to become faultfinding, pessimistic and restless.

Observation becomes weakertrap and weaker and steadiness is lost. All this happens in psychological part of the human system.

Opinion results in loss of creativity. There is constant bubbling of the mind with attendant loss of inner silence.

Opinion results in weakening of nervous system leading to fear psychosis. There is excessive clinging to one’s own living.

Stronger the opinion, weaker the mental faculty. It leads to hypersensitivity or loss of sensitivity.

Effort to come out of opinion is equivalent to psychological 'Pranayama'. It helps in purifying and controlling the mind.


  • A man may be arrogant but charitable with high degree of organizational skill, steadfast determination, able to withstand usual temptations of money. If we judge him by an opinion we will call him bad if he speaks plainly in a way, which we do not like, and overlook or take a marginal note of his good qualities.
  • A politician working under the stress of heavy negative pressures will be judged by his lack of straight forwardness or his acquisition of wealth, which he requires for various purposes to maintain his political career.

Only if we come out of "Opinion", we will be able to evaluate a man by taking stock of both his negative and positive parameters, without unduly exaggerating his negativities or turning a blind eye towards his positive attributes. Meditation helps to come out of opinion.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation