Secrets of Holistic Living: Contemplation on Our Fault

Jul 01, 2018

Instinctively it is easy to exactly locate where someone else is going wrong but very difficult to do a similar exercise with one's own self. However, precisely that is what is required in applied spirituality.

Whenever we become a victim of an accident, a business loss, cheating, theft at home or at office or any unpleasant incident whatsoever, there is always someone whom we can and do blame. Although appearing real, in fact it is an illusion. Real reason lie within us. Our too much attachment to anything - money, body, wealth, our self-centeredness using unscrupulous means to achieve something to the exclusion of others, results in loss of wealth, cheating, injury and accident either to us or other family assets.

There are certain cases like a chronic disease, prolonged ailments, a mental depression, cancer or any other disease, which result in loss of wealth or premature death or both. There is no apparent external reason. In such case usually stress caused by excessive work or desires for earning too much of hubbub or travelling, knowing too many things for multi-tasking, eating various tasty foods indiscriminately, too many clothes etc.; all these result in restlessness of the mind. Slowly control over body movement, speech etc. is lost; mind gets lost with too many imaginations. At times, this results in loss of sleep, requiring tranquilizers. Ultimately the system becomes vulnerable to disease. The evidence once again is lying inside.

Aim of a true spiritual practice is not to stop people from earning wealth but to keep these desires and resulting stresses within permissible limits; regular meditation helps to achieve this level. In case this limit is crossed, correction can be applied by introspective Meditation so as to resolve to return to normality. Change in lifestyle: change of routine, change of place, good reading, nice company, etc. is also useful to come back to normal from excessive stress.

Many times, people insult us, have rude behaviour towards us, create obstruction in our working by instigating people against us, strikes, lockĀ­outs, gherao etc.; all this is rooted to our arrogance displayed to subordinates in general. These insults and obstructions are to be sensed in a true spirit as a reaction to the inherent negative cause within us to be mitigated by a positive resolve of taking care of the ego of others in our interactions.

Women and men when harbour strong under-currents by way of stored hurts, jealousy or vanity, they come across various difficulties in their marital life because of these negativities and become victims of health problems etc. If they can find these underlying evidences and make strong auto-suggestions to counter-act them with positivity, they come out of their difficulty.

In short, no punishment comes to us without guilt on our side no rewards without earning. Coming out of our negativities bring wealth as a corollary. Searching for the fault within and correcting the same is called the effort. All other efforts are in a way merely movements of mind, speech and body; much of those tend to be negative, unwanted and excessive if the underlying faults within us continue to be preserved as such while keeping busy with attempting redressal of mere symptoms outside.

Living in close contact with the enlightened teacher is initially very important. Following and obeying his instructions in our living prove to be of a great help in noticing the grave faults underlying within us. Once we notice and accept our own fault as a crucial evidence to generation of all the maladies we are facing, half the remedy is done as in case of a true diagnosis. The other half battle thereafter becomes easier to win as we experience the life this way, find out the deep rooted fault within and replace it with right knowledge so on and so forth steadily elevating the spirit of life.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation