Secrets of Holisting Living - Forgiveness

Jul 26, 2018

Everyone is aware of the fact that we store hurt for many years. If someone has not helped us whom we helped, someone told us harsh words many years ago, someone was responsible for our loss of wealth, someone misbehaved with us, came in our way which we considered right, held views or beliefs different from ours and we quarreled with each other, all these hurts unless cleaned with conscious effort and get stored in our memory lanes; it is very similar to blocking of our coronary artery by deposition of cholesterol.

Clogging of our memory lanes results in blocking of the flow of our consciousness. Our observation, concentration gets continuously interrupted by imagination and surfacing of many bitter memories of the past. Our discussions - talks - conversations become superficial, sketchy, negative and meaningless. And then, to find pleasure of living, we have to continuously resort to parties, drinks, T.V. and any other news item or conversation, which will give excitement to the nerves.

Such an excited nervous system results in sickness, lack of judgment in business, at times going beyond our limits in business in search of excitement, leading to frustration, gloominess; worry, talking about our own difficulties etc.

This cleaning of memory lanes is possible only by understanding the eternal law that no unpleasant experience is possible without some dislike, prejudice, arrogance or attachment within us. Outside situation, which keeps on continuously, changing between pleasant and unpleasant experiences is rather helpful to dig out the negativities from our sub-conscious layers to make them accessible for cleaning.

Surfacing of any unpleasant incident every now and then or coming across unpleasant people every now and then is the nature's benevolent mechanism - a reminder that something needs to be attended to, to be washed or cleansed. Some inner search becomes necessary to find out the dirty spot and clean the same by forgiving or friendliness (Maitri ) and love.

Forgiving is necessary because an outside person or situation is not responsible for our bad luck. By holding one responsible for our bad luck, we live in a false world, a world of illusion and confusion and imagine a reality which does not exist. This violation of eternal law attracts punishment - a penalty that follows the law of compound interest.

When we closely examine ourselves, we find that we keep on breaking the natural law by getting up late, waking for late hours, we use harsh words where we should be compassionate, sometimes indifference, sometimes anger, certain faults of commission and omission. It is because mother mature continuously forgives us that we are able to carry on with our normal life.

When a disciple asked Jesus whether he should forgive the fault seven times, he says seventy times seven, meaning thereby that an endless forgiving is necessary to achieve reasonable purification of heart.

Maitri (friendliness -love), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (cheerfulness) and Upeksha (equanimity) are four different parameters with which forgiveness is practiced. Starting with equanimity, one ends up with subjective love, a love, which does not need reciprocity - objectivity. This is a persisting exercise, producing pleasant results and a charming personality after prolonged, continuous efforts.

Forgiveness gives seriousness, depth, poetry and music to our consciousness.

No spiritual practice is possible with revenge lying in any corner in heart.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation