Secrets of Holistic Living: Positive Outlook

Aug 31, 2018
All spiritual practitioners as they progress on the right path develop keen awareness of everything happening around them but like other lay people, they do not brood over negative observations which they make.

A mind which broods over negativity develops fault- finding habit, turns into a gutter inspector - a cynic and wherever they go, they find out what is wrong in the people or situation. Conversation usually turns negative.

A typical case is a party or dinner where there would be innocent talk on what is wrong with politicians, economy, armaments, lifestyle of young generation, recession, labour, global scenario or any other difficulty in business. All this would end in long talks without any benefit.

Brooding over negativity or opening ourselves against too much negativity ultimately weakens the mental defenses and one tends to develop a centerless personality, trying to please others at all times.

What is necessary is to develop awareness about so many positive things happening around us like many saintly persons helping people to develop personal and inter-personal disciplines, hundreds of social workers who are running schools, hospitals, orphanages, old age homes, improvement in condition of roads and telephones, long distance calls, medical facilities, healthy foods, development of parks and gardens at traffic islands, music schools, dance - dramas and host of public utility services which have filled important gaps in many areas of our life in the last ten or twenty years.

No doubt everything new which happens brings its own problems like airplanes which cut short travel-times are subject to delays - sometimes disasters, but mind must constantly meditate on its utility especially while traveling to England or USA. So also increasing comfort provided by railways.

This needs a shift of emphasis on positivity. There is a typical case of house - servants who provide very useful service for 90% of times, making possible a luxurious life-style, parties, dinners, receptions, our afternoon shopping, gossiping but how little a portion of our time with friends is spent on talking good things about them. How much time we get to talk to housemaids with smile and compassion and what interest we take in their problems. Slums where we try to close our nose are the very places, which provide this most needed services without which present lifestyle becomes miserable.

A reversal of awareness is absolutely necessary to progress on the right path. It is not possible to find spirituality, which is synonymous with joy of living, without reversing this awareness; developing awareness in those blank areas, which demand attention.

If at all we start on this path of developing relationship with our servants or drivers by creating awareness in that direction, we should also guard against the attitude of self-righteousness by which we constantly develop a dislike towards those whose awareness is yet to develop in these areas.

A different company, a different life-habit, a different type of reading is required even to get 10% result on this path to positive outlook.

Riots, wars, political unrest, natural calamities like famines, epidemics, earthquakes, cyclone, floods, have been happening to man-kind since time immemorial. During the same time, great spiritual masters like Mahavir, Buddha and Jesus, men of art and literature, great musicians & sculptors, brilliant scientists are also produced. Contributions can be made to relief work in the aftermath of riots; but a meditator should continuously train his mind to be aware of this positivity to raise his consciousness to a higher state.

Garbage to Garden Soil: One enlightened industrialist meditated on impermanence (Anitya) of garbage and could see that it could change to garden soil under certain conditions. Nature required 40 days of silence and undisturbed work to produce this vital change. He did this. This is classic example of 'Awareness of negativity with a positive outlook'.

Surrounded as we are with majority whose awareness about negativity is very powerful, this is difficult task although worth trying, worth achieving, landing one to a higher plane of awareness howsoever insignificant initial gains appear to be.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah

Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation