Secrets of Holistic Living: Purification of Desire

Aug 31, 2018
Desires arise in human mind spontaneously. No effort is to be made for generating desires. Of the innumerable desires, which arise and disturb the mind, the most common one seen presently and also written in the same language in which it is spoken is 'to make money'.

People look around for rich people, see their life style consisting of large apartments or houses, cars, servants, industries and many more things and immediately decide that only goal which can be worthwhile is to make money. Even those who are rich want to get richer only to equate with someone higher up on the ladder. Even after reaching, there is no end to it. Higher goals come in sight and race continues till one gets worn out and tired and then he leaves the race not out of satisfaction but out of frustration, i.e. there is no further energy to run.

Real life examples of those who came out of the race are, those who become old and children who join business do not listen to them, one becomes a victim of serious illness, or wife's illness makes him divert a part of the energy in that direction, business loss, quarrels in partners etc. Few are there who voluntarily come out as 'Innings Declared'.

Desires other than moneymaking hover around fame, power or position. All these desires are aimed again at one thing, to be happy. Happy with one's own self, with wife, children, no sickness etc. Every desire aims towards happiness. Even when people want to live separate, it is to become happy. Even when they quarrel, they aim at some business or property, which is supposed to make them happy. One of the mothers’ desires seen these days is to put their children in first rank in every conceivable field of school activity. Many times mothers run into excessive wear because of this desire.

Although desire to become happy is universal and universal tool to achieve happiness is assumed to be making money, we find that 99% of the people are unhappy. Causes are well known: sickness, disharmony between husband and wife, between father and son, with son-in-law, accidental deaths and a host of other events which make a man unhappy. Pleasures of money are in fact pleasures of palate and pleasures of comfortable houses and holidays.

An extreme view taken by Indian tradition is not to have money and other material happiness. This is as much wrong as the other one aiming to make money.

First essential thing to understand is that money can give us convenience and convenience is needed. But at the same time, if money is earned by using wrong means, unethical means, then it also generates inconvenience by law of nature. As against goal of 100% convenience, a mixture of convenience and inconvenience is generated, the proportion depending upon fairness and unfairness of means.

In order to reduce inconvenience, misery or unhappiness, which gets produced along with money, first essential task is to purify the desire. This area has not been looked at; very few persons have an idea that to earn money, we can do some correction within. Hatred, prejudice, strong dislike and jealousy are the first parameters to be cleaned up for walking on the road from poverty to richness or wealth.
By a strong auto-suggestion followed by meditation; hatred or prejudice is to be replaced with love and jealousy need be replaced with cheerfulness at the prosperity of others.

Rest of the internal purification is a mechanism to reduce inconvenience generated with wealth. One of the most important parameter here is to control greed, which expresses itself in three different forms:
• A constantly increasing desire to have more money.
• To pay less than reasonable or get more than reasonable in exchange for work.
• Not to share our wealth with others - partly as an act of charity and partly to get rid of the excess. A full trust in nature that she will provide reasonably what we want, is needed to be able to share our fortune with others.

Tendency to hit back, fire our subordinates, punish them severely for minor faults etc., instead of forgiving also needs inner correction. Last of the inner correction is not to be arrogant with money.

Once inner work is accomplished, nature keeps on producing wealth around us to the extent of our own inner cleanliness.

Purification of desire is achieved by meditation.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah

Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation