Secrets of Holistic Living - Choiceless Awareness

Sep 24, 2018
If anyone observes the natural process of human birth and meditates on it he will come to realize that we have not decided to be born. When we come to the conscious memory, we find that we are born. We did not have choice of our parents, brothers, sisters, our sex, color of our skin, and host of other factors affecting us as members of this planet, country, township, climate etc. Conscious realization of this fact is called choice-less awareness.

As we look out to the nature, its cycles of sun-rise and sun-set, phases of moon, timings of tide and ebb, timing and extent of natural calamities like earth-quakes, floods, cyclones, heat and cold wave, epidemics and draughts - all these are choice less awareness.

There is a freedom to study these processes and work out our defense but the occurrence is choice less.

Inside the human body, to some extent, height and body weight can be regulated, disease can be avoided or cured, I.Q. can be developed, ability to swim, play, run, play music, faculty of painting etc. can be developed. This process depends on studying and complying with natural laws governing and development of these faculties. Observation asserts the superiority of natural law and limits of our freedom.

There are also natural instincts like hunger, sex, fear, sleep etc. over which human beings have very little control. This leads us face to face with the fact that in 98% of occurrences happening in our life, we are helpless spectators and range in which we can influence our health, our business profits, our family relations, our successes etc. fall within a narrow range of 2% of the total number of happenings. A conscious grasp of this fact is sufficient enough to pulverize our inflated ego-system that I can do this and I can undo this etc.

However man is not born to be a helpless victim of a natural process of birth nor only a clog in the natural wheel of birth and death. He has been able to design rapid transport systems like cars, railways, aeroplanes, fast telecommunications, new type of comfortable houses, foods, drainage, water systems, internet, smart phones etc. by studying the natural laws and devising systems to conform to this law. All this has been possible by studying the external working of nature.

There are many areas in our emotional nature which give rise to health or disease, happiness or misery, wealth or poverty, our emotions of love and hate, likes and dislikes which can only be controlled by studying laws governing our internal systems, becoming aware of them and finally complying with them to devise an internal system of transport and telecommunication, new type of 'Internal House' - beautiful and elegant; this requires a conscious effort under the guidance of a teacher.

First reality we comprehend while studying our internal nature is that what we say 'I went to the office', ‘I did this work' - I directed the 'Course of particular event'- all this 'I' is only illusory and some unknown natural force compels us to do all these things - sometimes resulting in failure - sometimes success - more frequently a mixed result.

It is possible for human being to devise a system where he can increase his happiness and reduce misery, increase the extent of his success and decrease failure. The teacher is required at this stage to guide the student how to achieve this and it is not possible for anybody to work out the plan himself.

Observation of natural processes definitely point out to the presence of divine work force within and without. Process of understanding its existence is the awakened state of our consciousness. It makes us humble and energetic. Directing our attention to the dissolution of 'I', brings us an awareness of 'Sleeping State' during which we have developed eight-fold impurities - hatred, attachment, greed, strong sense of possession, revenge, jealousy, anger-arrogance and expectation. Conscious effort for correction converts these to positive emotions of love, charity, cheerfulness, compassion, humility and acceptance. This change converts misery into happiness, poverty to wealth, disease to health etc.

This process of understanding illusory 'I', becoming aware or experiencing its working and ultimately subliming this 'I' alternatively known as ego-principle is called ego-less behaviour, self-realization, God-realization, divine knowledge, Brahma-Vidya or wakening of soul etc. Practice involves converting instinct into well-trained and controlled reflexes thereby developing divine insight into the workings of natural processes - external and internal.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah

Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation