Secrets of Holistic Living - Vision of World as is

Sep 24, 2018
Surrounded by negativities which are in true sense because of negativities within us, we hardly get a true picture even of the locality where we live, leave alone the city, country or the world at large.

When something negative about an important person happens or is publicized, rumoured, talked about, we immediately believe it to be true, connect it with similar negativity of other famous persons, take our mind in the past to project an imaginary picture that past was better than present and ultimately conclude that present times are very bad and are likely to deteriorate further; a complete imagination. This is the main reason for developing negativity within us.

If some important person is talked about as corrupt, we compare ourselves with him in our sub-conscious mind and conclude that we are not like him. If somebody is arrogant, we again connect ourselves and say that 'I am not like him'.

When a house servant, driver or a stenographer is changed, we immediately compare some poor quality of the new member with good quality of the old staff and say that old one was better, although we know fairly well that when that man or woman was in our employment, we never noticed this good quality or if we noticed we never praised it. So is the case with our criticism of practically everyone whom we know. Someone speaks too much, some¬one speaks too little, someone is not smart, over-smart, extravagant, miser, systematic, chaotic, selfish, over-ambitions - a long line of negative qualities - criticism goes on and on with only occasional reference to some good quality of any human being.

This connection - comparison - criticism is a psychological defect accumulated over a period of time when inner world was not attended to. It was allowed to develop, as it wanted to. Result is wasteland grown inside with weeds over-grown, a few of them even poisonous.

This psychological defect does not allow us to know and experience the bright side of human beings who live in our locality - city and country. The real world is full of brilliant people with great qualities of head and heart, talents of a good administrator, musician, scientist, clerk, peon, worker etc. There are hundreds of brave and courageous people who have the ability to sort out the mess. There are dedicated and obedient people who execute the plans made by intelligent people.

There are good police officers, good businessmen, good teachers, good servants, good relatives and good friends. But we are likely to miss them if we are having a high dose of negativity. World in reality is mixture of good and bad although this division is not strictly right.

As we meditate and keep on meditating regularly with discourses on eternal value system, slowly we change our vision of the world by becoming aware of positivity in a diversity of fields and later on a small world of high class positive people in various fields develop around us - a world within a world - an oasis in a desert.

Although true, although possible, it requires a prolonged continuous effort. At times there are frustrations; but if we keep on, we succeed. We experience this great eternal truth that changing ourselves changes the world around us and catalyzes that portion which is away from us.

Again in the truthfulness of our vision, we will see many like us who are changing within by following different techniques and still achieving the good results. This will be the last and final vision - to see the world in all its positive diversity.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation