Secrets of Holistic Living: Illusion

Oct 28, 2018
The most important illusion in a natural process is lateral inversion-familiarly called right side appears left and left appears right, causing the phenomenon of day and night which appears due to sunrise and sunset but in reality there is no sunrise and sunset, rotation of earth on its own axis, causes illusion.

Corresponding example in human system is coming in contact with unpleasant experiences like meeting a bad land-lord, a business partner who does not remain faithful, quarrel between the partners, unpleasant experiences to a woman in early years of marriage etc. In all these, nature creates an illusion, by making somebody responsible for our bad luck, but in reality the causes are within. Illusion is so strong that man goes on fighting, hating and ultimately hurting himself-wasting energy and spoiling health. This illusion can be cured only by spiritual masters.

Similarly Government and Politicians we get are our own projection of hatred and greed, but illusion shows that politicians are self-seeking and fighting between themselves. Whenever there is labour trouble, we try to identify the causes outside but the real reason is our excessive greed and unfair treatment.

A process of fasting or semi-fasting in essence is a process of cleaning to obtain pure energy at the end of experiment, but illusion shows initial weakness and cleaning process can be experienced much later.

When we work either at office or at home, more than 75% of work is unnecessary, it is more noise than work; silence prepares the system for a more efficient work but apparently it seems that nothing is happening in silence.

Indian life is full of impulsive explosions. There are explosions on trivial things. We make too much noise showing too much turbulence in our minds. We speak much more than necessary. While reading a newspaper we put too much information in our minds, which is unwanted and useless. Result is that life outside is full of noise-undisciplined traffic, noisy festivals, and crackers during marriages and Diwali (very sharp and harsh sounds) - all this noise and turbulence is because of noise within us but through illusion cause appears outside. As a result of meditation, when inside becomes quiet and peaceful - in that condition although noise remains outside, we are not disturbed. We interpret this noise as originating from disturbed minds and have compassion and goodwill towards them. This is called coming out of illusion.

Through illusion, emotion appears as feeling and love whereas it only projects our weak mind on our relations and makes them weak. Infact we should be in motion and not in emotion. Emotion is something like derailment where all motion stops and only confusion and anxiety remain.

Another famous example of illusion is the difference between religion and spirituality. Whereas spiritual practice brings us in harmony with eternal laws of nature and most of it is unseen consisting of subtle psychological changes, religion consists of certain do's and don'ts. Almost all rituals can be seen. Majority of the people mistake religion as spiritual practice and believe this to be the aim and end of all things they are seeking as spiritual practice.

One of the marvelous illusions created by nature is regarding non-violence. Physical non-violence can be easily understood and practiced. It seems this is the end, whereas real violence is inside-hatred, greed, arrogance, deceit, jealousy etc. Inward effort is necessary to become non-violent. This being not so apparent is not being practiced. So also for earning money, inward effort - non -violence, automatically produces wealth. Through illusion man makes an outward effort.

Under the illusion, law of growth & decay is not seen and craving develops for relations to remain permanent. Life in the village, which is highly inactive, appears peaceful. Body, which is seen, appears to be a real body. Clinging develops for preserving the body. Unseen body, which does not die but gets developed during repeated cycles of birth & death, is not grasped. It is this body, which requires major attention. Fearful imaginations appear as though, anxiety gets justified.

Lessons from experiences of pleasure and pain cannot be understood. Gradual nature of natural changes cannot be perceived and wrong decisions are made. Possessions appears as safety. Attachment appears as love. Calculations are made out of fear and right practices are abandoned. Whole life becomes jumble of illusions, confusions get worst, confounded chaos and contradiction dominates speech & action. Life without love, relationship without reality and death without grace is the final outcome of human beings under the grip of illusion. Hindu scriptures call this "Maya'.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation