Secrets of Holistic Living - Observation and Pattern Making

Dec 08, 2018

It is difficult these days for people - who are in the imaginations of future: worrying afraid of so many odd happenings, living with tense nerves or in the memories of the past either with stored hurts or glorifying the past; to develop faculty of observation. Their mind is always pre-occupied with unpleasant past or uncertain future.

However, as we empty our minds with regular meditation and are able to keep our attention in the present, we are able to make a number of observations about ourselves as well as about the family members in whose midst we live or the staff members with whom we work.

Observations about us show that our moods keep on changing from hour to hour. Morning we may be in a neutral mood, but reading a newspaper may make us tense or depressed. In the office, the mood is mixed one of rejoicing, anxious or tense, firing, quarreling, fighting, getting annoyed with repeated frustrations, getting fed-up with insubordinate staff or over-exacting boss, flattering or getting fatigued, tired, worn out, inconsistent working, planning, getting excited over success and develop craving for more success etc.

If we observe ourselves for one full year and generalize, we might have prospered in our business or sometimes lost; either a good year or a year of family sickness, partitions between brothers etc., some unforeseen tragedies like riots, earthquakes etc. Same pattern repeats if we take a period of 10 years except that either some new children may have been born or some elderly family members might have passed away. In inter-personal relations, new people and situations enter into our lives for a period of one to five years then changing, resulting in bitterness, fights, greed, hostility, triumphs and tragedies - less frequently sweet memories of associations or groups of friends from whom we have parted.

All these patterns fall into two broad groups:

  • Our fortunes & good-lucks and misfortunes & bad lucks alternate one after the other and are within certain definite limits.
  • Super-imposed upon this is a general graph in which certain people lose their prosperity slowly and step by step and reverse is the case with other set of people who prosper slowly step by step.
A mixed pattern of failures, frustrations, tragedies, successes, fulfillments, and triumphs weave this fabric of increasing or decreasing prosperity. Most people feel wiser and developed every ten years including those who lose and those who gain.

After the age of 40, if people analyse themselves, they will find themselves in a distinct pattern of either hostility to the people, government, society or anxiety neurosis - usually a mixture of these two with one of them more predominant.

Husband and wife form complimentary pattern - what is lacking in the husband can be found in excess in the wife and vice-versa. Two together if wisely adjusted and understood becomes a most fruitful combination. Such is also the divine purpose.

Two brothers usually form a heterogeneous supplementary pair. Infighting between brothers or their children is a very common pattern-nature's way of separation and re-integration in different groups.

There are well-defined patterns of restless and ambitious people; they wear out very fast. There are also excessively greedy people who destroy the best part of their personality in going for more and more money.

When we observe human beings in large groups, we find that majority falls in happy-go-lucky normal men and women. Percentage of out-of-ordinary people keeps on decreasing as the extra-ordinariness increases and becomes microscopic at the top-most level.

This is the development path - misery and impermanent nature of misery; happiness and impermanent nature of happiness. Misery or unhappiness generates an inward pressure to look within and correct the weak links in our thinking pattern & happiness does the reverse.

Getting fed up with this alternating cycle of happiness and misery, many people take to a spiritual path; either rituals, worship meditations, study of scriptures, company of holy people etc. This gives them solace, wisdom and strength to go through boredom and sufferings of old age. This is the purpose of our birth.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah

Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation