Secrets of Holistic Living - Divine Patterns

Feb 04, 2019
Nature produces infinite number of life patterns in infinite number of men & women of all races and religious groups. There are people having greed, arrogance, jealousy, attachment, generosity, and humility, love, cheerfulness and mixture thereof. Infinite number of positive and negative emotions and their mixture in an individual in various proportions produce a multitude of patterns in such a way that no two human beings will have identical behavior. Behavior may approach near similarity for some time but never an identical.

Other important characteristic of these patterns is that they keep on changing noticeably over a period of time. A man who was carefree and extravagant becomes an alert controlled person; misers realize the futility of greed and get frustrated, arrogant get entangled into bitter quarrels & fights and at times becomes humble and vice-versa. People who are born rich become poor at the end of life & those who were poor become wealthy as life proceeds.

One of the most frequented patterns, husband - wife relation, changes from attachment to misery and hostility as the marriage proceeds. In number of cases hostility remains till the end, producing a mixture of hostility and attachment.

Usual patterns of people in pairs will be - optimistic - pessimistic, supportive-fault finding, enterprising - timid, clever - dull, wise - foolish, trusting - doubting, active - lazy, impulsive - cool, open hearted - close-minded. You can expand this list as much as you like and it will be helpful to know that every pattern produces its opposite.

Business or industrial organization will invariably consist of ambitious boss or group leader. Growth of a business depends upon the ego-level of the boss. Lower the ego-level, larger the expansion and vice-versa. Ambition is an absolute must for development, sustenance and expansion of business. Ambition is a positive parameter. Depending upon the ego-level each organization will have three groups - one pro-management - neutral or slightly passive and anti-management. This anti-management or conflict group is a measure of the ego-level or arrogance of the boss. This is a universal pattern in every organization. Making an organization successful and lowering of the ego-level is like two sides of the same coin.

One common pattern that we find in majority of lives is that as one crosses the age of 50, inspite of all plans for happiness, one feels empty and miserable. He or she realizes that children do not listen to him anymore, there is bitterness in family relations, there is expensive sickness, at time premature loss of loved ones - one thing or the other. It is theoretically impossible for any life to be without failure, frustration or a minor/major tragedy by the time one reaches the age of 50 or 60. These experiences draw a man inward.

For interpreting these patterns, we have to work with one hypothesis, i.e. whatever happens in nature is with a purpose and the only purpose for which nature works is to change our attachment to love, our misery to happiness. Although experience of failure or frustration is common to most people, interpretation of this experience being caused by attachment is not so evident. It requires a third party - possibly a teacher who has been partly successful in overcoming his own attachment.

As a result of failure or frustration - people take to worship, study of scriptures, repetitive chanting of holy name, prayer, meditation, pilgrimage, singing of hymns, listening to sermons - one or more of this in search of life beyond sorrow, misery, failures and frustrations. Whether they know it or not, they are sowing the seed of a better new life after death.

As the life span nears completion everyone experiences a super-natural force beyond their control, which shapes events in life that has passed and they learn to surrender; their ego gets pulverized. Apparently, it looks as if the people are getting helpless. It is true also for some time; but in reality, they are coming in line with the divine power. Although process of pulverization of ego does not get completed in one life cycle, step-by-step it brings an individual in tune with outside divinity. This in turn arouses inner divinity and in the end the difference between outside and inside vanishes and the whole consciousness becomes infinite - with love, peace, joy and harmony.
This is the ultimate pattern - a pattern beyond all other patterns - a pattern mysteriously divine - all knowing - all pervading.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah 
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation