What is mindfulness?

Feb 04, 2019

The dictionary meaning:

  1. The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment

Holistic perspective of Mindfulness (Jagruti) 
Mindfulness means to see one’s own fault and give judgments impartially.  When one starts seeing one’s own faults then one is truly ready to go on the path of liberation. Without mindfulness one cannot see one’s own faults. On the contrary if one is asked, one will be able to show other person’s two hundred to five hundred faults immediately.

What is the end result of our life’s earning? If you can see all your faults one by one that is the real earning. Question is when can you see your faults? Only when one knows ‘who am I’ i.e. understands one’s true nature. When one becomes totally impartial, only then one will be able to see one’s own faults.

Until now, nobody has attained liberation (Moksha) by giving unhappiness to others. So, there is no problem whatsoever if you eat delicious food everyday but it is not possible to be on the path of liberation by giving unhappiness to others. What you eat really does not matter, but it definitely matters where there are Kashayas (i.e. binding Karmas of anger, pride, attachments, greed, likings and disliking) and non-mindfulness.

After getting Gyan (Self-knowledge) from the Holistic Scientist, one’s eyes open partially and one starts feeling that one is separate from one’s body physique and with more clarifications through discussions by being in constant touch with Holistic Scientist, one’s eyes start opening more and one starts getting mindful. One must be fully mindful and know the true self in totality to attain liberation.

Only when one starts seeing one’s own faults, seeing all others innocent in the Mother Nature that one can conclude that one is being mindful otherwise one is simply walking in sleep! It is not necessary to check whether one’s all the faults are exhausted but should be mindfulness all the time which is very essential for one’s liberation.  When one is mindful like this, new faults (Karmas) are not created and the old one’s effortlessly get discharged by ‘seeing’ through “Divine Vision”, how they were created. Eventually, you will know the Nature’s CREATION as completely INNOCENT.

What is the highest level of mindfulness? It is when one ‘Perceives’ that no one is at fault in this world!

By seeing others innocent one creates vision of innocence
When one understands that fault is within one own self then one can become free, otherwise one gets more entangled in the Karmic bondage, which results in the wandering cycle of life and death.

God’s divine knowledge says, “Do not blame others. Do not have any opinion for others. Do not wish any bad thing for others. And that the world is innocent.” Once you know this, you can be totally free. Every living being in the world is innocent and only you are at fault. You got bonded by your own faults (mistakes) and the only way to get yourselves free is by seeing everyone else innocent.

One sees others at fault because one cannot see one’s own faults. With this faulty vision, circle of birth and death will always be there. But when one does not see others at fault, and starts seeing one’s own faults, one will be ready for liberation. One only needs to change this VISION.

Translated By Swami Deepakanandji from Vyavahar Vignan booklet, published by JSS, Shree KhetsiNarsi, Dada Bhagwan Vitrag Trust, Mumbai.