Mar 04, 2019
Indeed, adversity and suffering may often be regarded as a reward to virtue rather than as a punishment for sin, since it turns out to be the greatest help and purifier of the soul struggling to unfold itself.

In this world good people have to suffer a lot more than the wicked ones. There has been complaint that no right reward is given to goodness. In fact, good people have to undergo many difficulties. If we take this difficulty in the right perspective, we should consider it not as a punishment but the gift of goodness. Virtue is its own reward. Only in the taxing situation there is the growth of the grandeur and inner potentialities. These virtues of inner strength get manifested in the moments of hardship. According to the Enlightened Person men should be always ready, he must be able to cut a knot, for everything cannot be united.

In life there have been many confusing puzzles and all through life one has to suffer due to them. A lot of time and energy is wasted in solving the puzzles with respect to some person. In this process of adjustment, finding the puzzle to be impossible to be solved, one should put a full stop on it. Do not expect the dissolution of the puzzle or desire to do so because that would paralyze the relations. Under these circumstances the highway is to come to the compromise and rational adjustment for proceeding further. Only then we can understand the mystery of the aphorism: The fault lies with the one who suffers.

Many people are embarrassed by the riddle: honesty, truth, observation of religious faith, no difference of opinion with others - in spite of all this why do the wrong doers thrive and prosper? What is the sense living in such a world? Why am I born on this earth? My life is full of suffering, sorrow, violence, revenge and quarrels. When the death is a final destiny, what is the meaning of this life? Such puzzles make some feel that life is meaningless. But there are certain people who seek solution of such questions and find meaning to life. Our expectation doesn’t get satisfied some time, our careful planning falls to pieces. Relation is embittered or ended. Under this pessimistic cloud, the Enlightened Person shows the way of solving the question through understanding.

There is an amazing power beyond the materialistic grip. We have many a time the experience of this subtle power. Only when we pass through the ordeals we get prompting to go within our inner search. It feeds our faith of the invisible power within.
If we understand our dear and near ones, our neighbors, our professional relations we can get the cues for all these self-created problems. Understanding of man in the right way is the solution for the problem of the life. The Enlightened Person advises that, “The heart has reason of its own, which head can never understand.”

Suffering when met with an accident
You are an expert engineer and sitting idle/taking rest on chair after finishing checking/testing work of electrical equipment having big tank filled with hot oil. The technician by mistake opened wrong valves which created pressure in the tank and hot oil emerges out and falling on you burning your skin, spoiling your dress and also your hand gets fractured due to slipping in oil.
Your immediate reaction would be to scold technician, see his fault and take official action against him but this is not correct.
He is not at all at fault. The suffering was due for you due to earlier deeds and it happened when all evidences gathered. The technician was instrumental in the incident.
The right way to handle the incident is to tell technician to take care in future, to follow correct procedure. The pain due to fracture should be born without shouting/finding fault of anybody.

When your pocket is picked
You are at Railway Station and your pocket is picked by a pickpocket, you would immediately catch hold of the pickpocket, you will abuse him etc.
Abusing, quarrel etc. is not the correct way, it would increase clash, stress etc. the right way is to lodge police complaint understanding that he is not at fault.
According to the enlightened Person, there is nothing wrong about a pickpocket picking a pocket. This world has never violated the irrevocable principle of Nature, even for a minute. It is Nature, which compels us to act and the humans are only its instruments. It is only man’s egoism which goads him to say “I did it, I did it.” Therefore, do not find faults with anyone. For if you do so, you will be held responsible for your opinion.

Arriving Late on wife's birthday
Your wife has specifically told you to come early from job in order to celebrate her birthday and you could not due to meeting/emergency work at office. Your wife would get angry with you, she would not speak with you, and clashes will start.
One should know the art of dealing during such circumstances; one should tell her you are very right. I am very sorry. I have taken leave for to-morrow and we would have more time for enjoyment. We would go to watch movie also and would have lunch in a very good hotel. One has to take adjustment in this way. If not, the clash will remain for so many days.

During above incidents and many more like those we see fault of others because man believes that he governs the action. He does not know what is in his power. He is unaware of the other power that exists which runs the universe taking care of all.

Further, the common sense is very useful in our day to day inter personal relationship. It is described by the Enlightened Person as “Every where applicable, theoretically as well as practically.” The person with a common sense would not clash with anyone whatever may be the situation. It is a wonderful and unique exposition and by applying it no clash, conflict, quarrel would take place because one would adjust himself to others. Commonsense would help to resolve the unfavorable situation without hurting others, without friction but at the same time maintaining pleasant atmosphere.
In fact, through clashes & collisions one gets an opportunity to rise upward. If there is no clash, no progress would be there. The root cause of all the friction is only the past old classes that cause further friction. He whose old clashes have ended will have to encounter no friction, otherwise one clash begets another and thus they go on multiplying.

Do not see right and wrong, avoid clashes and adjust everywhere. Even though someone else clashes with us, we must maintain complete control on ourselves. It drains away inner power.

Decide “I do not want to be engaged in any clash what so ever.” This type of belief is the right belief. This is the master key to liberation and a blissfull living.

Principles of “Vitrag Vignan” (‘Akram Vignan’)
‘The Holistic Science of Vitrag Vignan’ is founded firmly on the fundamental principle of ‘Non-discriminatory Vision’ and ‘Ultimate Humility’. This is the direct outcome of the miraculous and divine presence of the Holistic Scientist ‘Dada Bhagvan’ in today’s chaotic and difficult time. This Holistic Scientist has perceived and practiced the supreme truth of Nature and its otherwise intricate ‘Just’ working and has eventually given a distinct and clear path on this great founding principle! The understanding of this ‘Holistic Science’ is of primary importance because once the science is ‘known’ it works effortlessly and naturally within us. Here, ‘Vision’ relates to the changed ‘right belief’ that is offered by the Holistic Scientist that keeps us cheerful and blissful against our own previous ‘wrong beliefs’ that were carried forward by us as a bunch of weird experiences and that used to bother us and were desperately making us suffer in every situations of our life.

Our being, identified and understood as an assembly of mind-speech-body, yet it has a very profound and extensive effects of our surroundings and the individuals that we come across especially with whom we interact! Here, when one gets to know the secret art of reaching the heart of the other person through ‘Ultimate Humility’ that this ‘Science of Holisticism’ offers, is just remarkable. Humility, not only manifests at the interactional level but also at the individual experience level in the form of compassion and universal unconditional Godly Love!!

The expanse of ‘The Holistic Science of Vitrag Vignan’ and its tangible reach through this founding principle is universal! Our existence as deemed understood, is not merely corporeal as mind-speech-body. These are only the relative and temporary aspects of our being but the real and permanent aspect though intangible and unconceivable yet existing factually and universally within every living entity and more prominently within us, humans, because of the unlimited faculties of mind and intellect that have opened up within us, is the secret that is offered by the Holistic Scientist and his Science of Integrated Living, Holisticism! Here is the point that reveals our spiritual existence, which is far beyond the physical existence and is the ‘Universal Truth’ perceived and known through the ‘Non-discriminatory All - inclusive Vision!’

The Holistic Scientist is the living example of this principle in manifested human form. These are not mere words but behind these vibrant simple words i.e. the profound foundation of humanity, irrespective of caste, creed, and social status.

By -Sudhir Shah, Sakal Sangpati, Jai Sachchidanand Sang, India.