Humane Living according to Holistic Science

Mar 31, 2019

Today, world has sunk in the ‘unnecessary’ accumulation of materialistic possessions. Now, whatever is necessary for the maintenance of our life is acceptable even in the Godly language which does not tell us to consider accumulating and accumulating. Therefore, one needs to decide one’s necessity only.

Primarily, how much does our body need?
Mainly it is air which is available in abundance all the time and is free of cost. Another is water which is also available. Some places it is free and some places you have to pay. And then yet there is food. Now, imagine what happens when you are hungry? There is fire in the stomach which needs to be put out.  And what is needed to put out this fire? People say one needs to have variety of rich food. But if you really think, this fire can be easily put out by a very simple food of rice and soup. And then on the secondary side one needs clothes and shelter.

Do you ever need pride and honor to live? Insanely, people go about in search of pride and honor. One need to know from a Holistic Scientist (Gyani -a fully enlightened person, one who is free of anger, pride, attachment, greed, likes and dislikes. He has no needs and no worldly desires except Spiritual [Real] welfare of the world. In this purity of total non-violent state, not to hurt any living being through his mind, speech and body, He lives a natural life and is fully tuned to the mysteries of nature and the universe)  what is the purpose of life and how to live life so that one can get permanent inner happiness all the time.

People who have all the above things, and still they quarrel, grumble, cry and weep, lament, or clamor are ‘ignorant’ – ‘foolish’. If you get food and clothing then why cause any fuss? Why not live with content and happiness? If someone doesn’t have these things and makes a fuss, then we can understand that he has genuine problems in life.

When we get our basic needs naturally as per our life’s circumstances, then why do we need more? The more your wants the more tension and worries you inherit. If our tap comes with added sugar we will get mad and demand pure water. See the tragedy today, instead of pure water people are looking for ‘Coca-Cola’ and ‘Pepsi cola’. Don’t you need to know what your basic requirement is? If the body gets pure air, pure water and meal of rice/soup at night, then it will never complain. So, one must decide what one’s basic needs are. But people look for a certain brand of ice-cream only! What did Saint Kabir say? ‘Your enemy is no one but your pretense or hypocrisy’! If you run around for unnecessary things that is hypocrisy. If one asks for water, that is not hypocrisy. Sant Kabir has said, ‘Get rid of your hypocrisy and then roam around happily in the world’.

After all, how much does this body need? It needs pure milk, but instead people drink all kinds of variation of milk. How will this hypocrisy help in life? How many different kinds of shampoos do people use? The one that does not look like soap and looks like water! What has smart people researched and developed? They have created hypocrisy for those who did not have it. With all these crazy inventions inner happiness in mankind has been on a downward trend. In God’s language if the happiness between outside and inside is 5 to 10%, that is acceptable but today the difference is 90% which is not acceptable. This is all hypocrisy. All this hypocrisy is not bearable but is being forcefully accepted. In this hypocrisy many unnecessary and unwanted things are created.

People always complain that certain type of food is not available. They should not be complaining at all about food. How beautiful are the teeth? There are different kinds to tear, break and chew food. How nice are the eyes? If you spend million of dollars still you cannot replace them. Why do people become unhappy when they already have these priceless things? Even though some person is a millionaire, he or she will say, ‘I am not happy’. In our body there are priceless things which we must realize. If one understands this, he or she will always be happy.

We feed and take so much care of our body but in the end, it is going to perish. That means nature will take back its possession. Everything has to be left here, and what are you going to take along with you? All the blunder and mistakes we have committed with our family members, others whom we have encountered and within ourselves. God says be alert, alert and alert because for you to come back as human being is very, very, very difficult.

One does not need materialistic things but definitely needs inner permanent happiness. One is unhappy due to self-ignorance. One only needs to know ‘who am I’ to find permanent inner happiness!

Translated from AkramVignan January 2019 magazine article ‘ANE JIVAN KHEVAY J KEM? published by Jai Sachchidanand  Sangh, Amdavad, India.