Secrets of Holistic Living - Rhythm and Balance

Jun 30, 2019
With continued attention to the external world, human beings have lost faculty of turning attention to internal world whose space and variety is as big as the world outside. Loss of this faculty has generated a heavy tilt in consciousness with decreasing control of instinctive impulse of sex, hunger, fear, anxiety etc.

This loss of balance results in loss of rhythm and harmony progressively going down to disorder, turmoil and chaos. There will be infinite number of waves arising in human mind under the effect of turmoil and chaos, consequently mind will be weak and receptive to outside infection. This is the origin of all diseases of all types.

A chaotic system is one where the mind becomes dull and inactive. This system is open to all addictions. It also has in-built violence towards other people and women. This system is not very conducive to yogic practices. It prefers to worship God for some reward or protection.

A mind in turmoil represents varying degrees of hyper-active systems. Most people in this range represent over-developed or under-developed ego system. Majority of this group are married and take to some economic activity. They show a high degree of attachment to money, material wealth, wife and children. As the life span progresses, they experience considerable frustration because of attachment and take to spiritual practices - either rituals or yoga or scriptural readings.

People having minor loss of balance giving rise to a disorder in the system are lesser in the society. Many of them remain unmarried throughout their life. They have less of attachment or have strong dislikes. They have anger, arrogance as main defilements and go for name and fame. All sanyasis, priests, ambitious people, political leaders, fall into this group. Many of them take to advanced spiritual practices under the guidance of an enlightened soul.

Advancement in the development path may take both the directions like pendulum, disorder to turmoil and disorder to order eventually it takes one upwards at the end of the development cycle.

Path from chaos to turbulence although long enough, is relatively easy, compared to path from disorder to harmony. Here there are too many temptations - wealth, fame, luxurious living, flattery by disciples etc. At times, beautiful women cross the path of advanced yogis; at other times anger accompanied with arrogance. These forces are like snow-storm while going up a high mountain. Sometimes people get lost in these temptations to come up again after a very long period.

As against turmoil and chaos, rhythm and cosmos is ultimate human destiny and also birthright of every human being at one time or other. With temptations and pitfalls, nature takes every human being to perfection - a state without disease and decay; state of rhythmic dynamism; a very powerful state, silent and serene, at times appearing static.

A movement from chaos to cosmos, turmoil to rhythm is called real effort; all other efforts are only turbulent movement producing very little reward for a very large work - most of the work being lost in eddy currents.

A human system approaching a progressively purer rhythm, experiences ever increasing vastness of consciousness touching astral regions. Turbulent people experience peace in his presence. Voice becomes ringing and sweet; face serene and radiating. Memory becomes sharp, voluminous, varied and prolonged. People with rhythmic minds are able to read the thoughts of others and also develop perception of distant events.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation