Secrets of Holistic Living - Uniqueness of Experience

Jun 30, 2019
Nature has so designed us that although all of us have two eyes, one nose etc. each one of us is unique with respect to rest of us. Two faces may be very similar but there is something unique which help identification. So also, the voice, style of walking, working, dealing etc. No two signatures would be alike - not even one in a billion.

This is the method which nature uses in producing variety and uniqueness in human beings although general structure is same. There is a racial variety like Mongolian, white, colored, black etc. with uniqueness in each one of them.

There are 10 prominent negativities with their 10 positive counter-parts. They are hatred - compassion, attachment - love, greed - generosity, hypocrisy - straight-forwardness, strong sense of possession - charity, revenge - forgiveness, jealousy - cheerful at the prosperity of others, arrogance - humility and expectation - acceptance. These positive and negative qualities are of varying degrees and their interaction produces infinite number of experience patterns - each one unique by itself.

Partial, slight, predominant or major change of negativity to positivity generates a spiritual experience from modest to tangible and vice-versa. Because of infinite variety of experiences, no two individuals even husband and wife - will have similar experience or a behavioral pattern on a development path. Although living under one roof, eating together or listening to same discourse, experience will be different and distinctly unique giving rise to a variegated pattern.

Because all spiritual experiences unite at the highest level to form a similar and uniquely distinct pattern, Human beings crave for similar behaviour pattern in inter-personal relationship. Husband expects wife to behave similar to him and vice-versa. So also for two brothers, partners, friends, neighbours etc. This is the power of illusion. This causes stress, quarrels, bitterness etc. in relations. Although aim is to love, there is hatred, aim is to unite yet there is separation, aim is to co-operate yet there is quarrel - blind man leading another blind.

Very understanding of uniqueness of experience and corresponding behaviour patterns, progressively resolves fights, quarrels, dislikes into understanding and appreciation of uniqueness of life pattern.

It is a common experience that every human being will have brothers and sisters - some of them he will like and others not so well. In case of neighbours, business partners, colleagues, workers, staff, Government officers etc. there will be some who will be favourable and others unfavourable. After learning uniqueness of behaviour pattern, we turn to meaningful interpretation of these patterns - each unique in itself. A careful study will show that all favourable experiences correspond with our positivity and unfavourable ones correspond with our negativity.

All our negativities are projected in the outside world in the form of enemies, opponents, cynics and trouble-makers. If we make an attempt to fight them, they will have a tighter grip on our necks. They will pulverize our ego and make us helpless. If we make a mental effort to love them, then they start disappearing one by one. This is the secret of creative spiritual path.

Knowing uniqueness of each spiritual experience helps us to develop better and sweeter human relations. Our expectations will change to acceptance-the most powerful basis of spiritual practice. There will be no more prejudices, annoyances, irritations, tensions etc. There will be joy and peace in watching the unity in diversity of all experiences.

As one progresses on this path, heterogeneous systems will change to homogeneous complimentary ones. More of such people working together will weave a pattern of different colours each blending into the other to make a meaningful picture. All such meaningful pictures, negative and positive, have a purpose in nature's development path, negative-painful and positive - joyful.

All experiences when they are devoid of any negativity, will be uniquely similar and serene and to have similarity of this positive experience is eternal human desire - its ultimate destination.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation