Secrets of Holistic Living - Independence and Interdependence

Jul 30, 2019
What we usually understand by independence is that there is nobody to tell us if we come home late or get up late or do not go to office in time or spend money as we like, or eat more spicy food at later hours etc. So also for smoking, drinking and other habits. What goes in the name of independence is loose life habits which have gone out of control.

Real independence starts with an effort to bring life habits under control. Go to bed in time, get up early, be punctual in work, moderate in eating and talking, all these are preliminary exercises at self-control which progressively leads to independence.

Indulgence or loose life habits leads to loss of energy and ultimately disease. Controlled life habits lead to health and vigor. Independence here is from disease.

A human being whose happiness depends primarily on comforts and secondary on the condition that everything should go as he wishes, is creating a conditioned personality; if he develops dislikes, prejudices etc., he creates a strongly conditioned personality open to weakness and disease.

True Independence consists of equanimity of mental state under reasonably uncomfortable situations and step towards such progressive independence is an understanding and practice of law of acceptance, which requires graceful acceptance of all situations as the only path to independence. Secondary qualities of such independence will be lack of hatred, jealousy, greed and arrogance. Behaviour, which is not hostile to an out-side situation makes us move towards independence.

Constitutional right of freedom of speech in effect leads to lose talk, back-biting, malicious and negative talk, gossiping etc. Real freedom comes from controlled speech accompanied by humility, humor and creativity.

A human being who becomes victim of lust or greed progressively loses his independence in favour of cravings, name and fame. Very often sleeplessness is the result of such cravings.

Control and not looseness, independence and not indulgence is the ultimate human destiny - other divergence is only a temporary variation.

In the entire working of nature, there is no such thing as independence. Independence as mentioned above leads to a conscious awareness of our inter-dependence on wife, children, friends, partners, neighbours etc. No life can exist alone. We are also constantly dependent on the balance of nature's five elements, which support our existence. Building relationship with nature with thanks-giving is a sure path towards independence. Path although hidden does really exist. Meditation opens the gate of this secret path.

A human being, who subjectively finds the method of loving friends and opponents, becomes consciously interdependent and truly independent. This is the aim of all inter-personal relationships.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation