Secrets of Holistic Living - Spirituality and Diet

Jul 30, 2019
The aim of any spiritual practice is to exchange our negativities of hatred, greed and violence etc. into positive emotions of love, compassion, charity and humility etc.

Change of this emotional balance requires energy - a very subtle psychological energy which generates auto - suggestion either to pacify or completely remove these negativities.

During the initial years, aspirant generates this energy, either gross or subtle from the food he eats. If a seeker eats pungent, salty and stale food, he generates type of gross energy like any animal - not suitable for any subtle intellectual or spiritual work. At times man eating this type of food is dull, lazy and insensitive to emotional disturbances.

A man whose diet consists of simple food - with moderate intake of salt generates a mixed, brain energy - a mixture of positive and negative emotions. This is useful for day to day work but does not help decreasing negativity.

A diet consisting of moderate amount fruit, fruit-juices, non-spicy cereals, leafy vegetables - raw or boiled and little of milk, butter, ghee generates spiritual energy necessary for the change. One of the important energy required during the initial stage is control of sex - an outgoing energy. This is done by meditating on the temporariness of this pleasure. Also, a strong auto-suggestion to restrict this urge and see what experience one gets. Energy required for this exercise comes from this type of food. Severity of the impulse and restlessness gets reduced making the control easier.

As the energy conserved due to sex goes upward, the body becomes supple and energetic, senses of touch, hearing, observation become sharp and distinct, memory gets enlarged retaining varied incidents over a long duration, voice becomes sweet and melodious, mind becomes alert and sharp-witted to make patterns of observation. Anger can be controlled and arrogance can be understood in detail.

With food more-or-less remaining same, the boiled or raw with minimum frying, the next psychological battle for higher experience is against praise and flattery. Aspirant is able to rise above the average people and do some outstanding things. People praise him or flatter him. Fasting is added as supplement to pure food to burn these impurities faster. Clear perception of aim and strong suggestion to come out from negativities help to sustain this diet.

Control or awareness of breath alternatively known as 'Pranayama' or 'Pranapan' is necessary to make energy release even in all parts of the body and every cell of the body comes to life.

As the seeker further progresses on the path, a very subtle food of meditation is necessary to come out of craving and aversion; every situation we come across in the world outside whether pleasant or unpleasant is a projection of our own mind and the only way to be happy and peaceful is to change our psychological make-up. This higher state of consciousness requires pure food, solitude, meditation and discourse with the teacher. All these are foods - gross to subtle - subtler - subtlest.

Breathing is a very subtle food. It purifies the blood and carries life giving energy to nerves, blood, bones and tissues. Breathing-in of oxygen is by pulsating motion of lungs. Yogis are able to generate pulsating sensations throughout the body and thus breathe directly too.

Regular meditation develops an ability to digest subtler of all energy food - solar energy - directly from Sun - the source of all energy. Whatever food we eat, ultimately it is the solar energy gathered by the plant and passed on to the grain or fruit which supports life at various levels of our consciousness. Solar energy pure and direct is the highest and subtlest energy food.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation