Secrets of Holistic Living: Economic Activity and Competition

Sep 27, 2019
In today's world, economic activity is mainly concerned with production of goods, improving upon its speed and quality aimed only at the profitability. In the process of increasing profit, if the process harms the nature or human being, and/or results in slums and problems of addiction etc., this is considered to be of marginal importance. Aim of an economic activity is said to give maximum employment with maximum possible pay packet.

As the economic activity does not consciously touch upon the negativity of human beings and its correction even as its secondary aim, only a slow natural process takes place in the development of man-kind.

An economic system whereby human being is being continuously fed with ever increasing desire to have more and more material comforts, results in weakening of human mind with resultant fear, excited nervous system followed by multiplication of medicines and diseases; sex, violence and tranquilizers become part of every-day life. To add fuel to the fire, competition wants to throw out an old business into extinction, consequently sense of insecurity and helplessness is added to the above referred evils.

Nature does not act like an absentee landlord. It tries to restore its balance and this creates a new horizon of spiritual approach to economic activity. In this system, conventional method of economic activity - namely production of goods and services is given secondary importance. Primary concern is to purge the men of their hatred, greed, jealousy and violence. A systematic training programme in theory and practice needs be undertaken with clear target in sight.

Once this takes off in a reasonable way, mind generates sufficient energy from within to keep itself cheerful and excess material needs become unnecessary to keep oneself happy. This includes luxurious expense on house, cars, dinners, parties, drinks, TVs, late nights, ornaments, garden houses, beach resorts, private air-crafts, foreign trips, excessive marriage expenses etc. As the healthy mind does not become sick frequently, excessive medical bills are also cut-off. As a result, decrease in all these expenses requires less material goods to keep one happy. Modern necessities like car, telephone, house, refrigerator, TV, traveling etc. are not eliminated but excessive requirement gets curbed. This is the first step in spiritual approach to economic activity.

Once the consciousness becomes pure or starts off from impurity to purity, nature provides whatever we want; house, money, factory, technology, job or any reasonable necessity to give effect to the Nature's task of producing goods and services to make life happy and enjoyable. Very little effort is required to sustain this production. It almost happens automatically. It is stress free. It does not depend on flattering or pleasing anybody. It does not depend on government policy. Only condition which sustains this activity is the purity of consciousness, which in turn invokes the divine powers of nature to sustain it. It grows and develops by itself. It is self-sufficient, self-sustaining, and independent of whims and fancies of government and vagaries of nature.

In this system, there is no water tight compartment between spiritual activity and economic activity. Spiritual activity means cleaning ourselves of negativities and this supports economic activity. Material prosperity in turn provides necessary infra-structure for internal cleanliness. In the end, it becomes a chain reaction. Such is the grand design of nature - unfoldment of divinity within man and woman.

When conomic activity is based on spiritual principles and in turn helps in unfolding divinity, competition becomes meaningless. There is enough for supporting spiritual economic activity of entire mankind by producing adequate goods and services. Nobody needs to be wiped out. Only organizations who are not able to continue are those who are not on the right path. Competition becomes superfluous as there is room for everybody to exist. Instead of competition, there is a desire for subjective excellence. Such an economic activity radiates peace and joy, is truly inter¬dependent in the sense that it supports nature and in turn nature supports its child - an eco-friendly economic activity.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah 
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation