Secrets of Holistic Science: Human Energy

Sep 27, 2019
All human beings have some mechanical energy enabling them to do manual work of farm or factory labour or domestic servant. When subtle mental energy resulting in increased concentration is added to the existing mechanical energy, man becomes a craftsman like fitter, welder, mechanic, carpenter, black-smith etc. When call on mechanical energy is less and brain-energy requirement is more, man becomes a clerk, telephone operator, draughtsman, cashier, accountant etc. When mechanical energy is supplemented with brain energy, value addition starts taking place. compared to a helper, a clerk is valued more.

As the brain energy becomes finer, it produces a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a solicitor and businessman etc. This requires concentration and understanding. Understanding represents finer form of energy and value addition is more. In between concentration and understanding comes memory, planning, imagination, direction etc.

There is also further fine energy, which is required to control the natural instinct of craving and aversion and calm down the waves in the mind. This controlling energy is the subtlest and fetches the highest value - partly material and mainly spiritual. Manifestation of this energy is prolific memory, sharp observation, creating patterns of observation and interpreting them. This energy produces superb powers of healing and helping people to come out of negativities. The energy is having infinite value addition making it invaluable - beyond any conceivable value.

This final energy, where whatever one wants becomes easily available - and whose gross manifestation is skill, memory, calculation, observation, imagination, understanding, etc. remains nearly frozen in the case of a slum dweller, house servant or a helper. It becomes involved, sunk or dormant and is also called hidden, latent, sleeping, coiled etc. When energy gets involved and dormant, people look dull, stone-like but still have the same potential in some future births to be perfect human beings.

When the inner energy becomes nearly sunk or involved, gravitational pull of nature which attract everything downward super-imposes this involved-apparently extinct ocean of energy with negative emotions like hatred, attachment, greed, arrogance etc. along with their bye-products like fear, nervousness, prejudices, flattery, obstinacy etc. Over a period of time, this super¬imposition becomes so natural that we feel this is our true nature. When this sunk energy is about to open up, it produces a hyper-active pattern where characteristics of pure energy, which are love, compassion, forgiveness etc. get mixed up with negative manifestations like hatred - greed etc. and produce dichotomy of a mixed pattern.

Misery is the result of this mixed pattern and meditation is the solution. Any type of meditation - whichever type is suitable to one's temperament - will unwind the coiled-up inner energy level. By law of nature, during this unwinding, he will meet a saintly person who will also inject divine wisdom in him according to his capacity. Energy and wisdom together will then manifest in the form of love, compassion, fearlessness, equanimity, forgiveness, charity, insight, understanding of external truths, receptivity to subtle vibrations etc.

Uncoiling - unwinding of this potential energy is the biggest effort of the soul producing mysteriously beautiful men and women. This is the ultimate human destiny.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation