Secrets of Holistic Living - The Mystery of Death

Dec 02, 2019
The way nature works - every activity of nature is kept hidden - not secret. Development of child in mother's womb is not known either to the child or to the mother. Various growth processes that take place in the body, sleep, digestion, old age, disease - every one of this activity takes place in silence and is covered up, so that no one knows when these processes actually take place; what are the underlying causes etc.

Sometimes wise people get a semblance of the causes and by controlling causes, they also control or manipulate the effects. Many times, controlling energy which is weak, is stepped up by a meditative process. When such things happen - and because usually such things do not happen, people term these happenings mysterious. In fact, there is no mystery except that hidden causes have been found out and by setting certain positive causes into operation, certain unusual positive effects are obtained. Similarly, by stopping the onset of negative effects like fear, fanaticism, frustration etc. the events like disease etc. are avoided or cured. All such happenings are termed mysterious.

The mystery of death falls within the scope of such hidden operations of nature where the cause is carefully hidden and gross effect is only visible. However, wise people who have solved this riddle, have declared to others who are not capable of solving that process of death that it is similar to discarding an old car which requires too much maintenance in favor of a new car - nothing more than that. Model of the new car may be different - at times inferior to the old model - at times superior, but every time it is new, old has become too old not usable, sometimes too dirty and monotonous and new is fresh and invigorating.

Fear of death is because we feel that we are finished - become extinct. No one wants to be extinct. Every human being instinctively feels that he should remain permanent and it is really so. However, mystery of death has to be examined along with mystery of birth. Breath currents put into operation by nature at the time of birth are so powerful that soul is just put to sleep and pseudo soul (Dada Bhagawan calls it pratishthit atma) is created which believes that this body is myself, or I am the body. These pulsating breath currents flow in the entire body through 72,000 identifiable nerve currents.

One of the chief reasons why we are unable to experience the mysterious process of death, is fear of death. Fear does not allow us to remain aloof – separate and meditate. Fear does not allow us to trust nature. This fear is the result of hostility to nature - one of the powerful and distinct manifestations of ego system. Only way out is wherever we have hatred or prejudice towards any living being, start replacing with love or compassion. Start experimenting with trust in nature and analyse the result. You will find a living, responsive and friendly nature protecting our new instinct of love and compassion and helping us to come out of our negativity of dislike and prejudice.

When mystery of death is understood - yet not experienced - we will find that end of full life span leaves us with tired nerves, diseased body, sometimes irrational temper. Many of our friends and relatives of our age might have passed away and we might not fit well in the company of younger people. We might feel completely out of tune in this company. Mechanism of death therefore is a benevolent mechanism of nature to take us out of misery and monotony and put us into new environment.

If our karmic tract is good, after death we are born in good and pious family and have 20 years of rest i.e. childhood and young age before new responsibility of adult life comes. Hence process of death also leads us to rest and recuperation.

In every cycle from birth to death, a human being is developed to ultimately uncover the laws of nature concerning his birth, death, happiness and misery. However, in each natural cycle, progress is up to a certain limit and new cycle is necessary for further progress. It is a step-wise ascent. In the presence of ego system which invariably is present, the journey is tiring. It requires rest on the way just like way-side inns during pilgrimage.

Before death, nature makes us unconscious, all the breath currents get involved like a seed of banyan tree and this invisible seed is then put in a fresh ground - a mother's womb - with all the necessary requirements like water, food, air etc. to take us on a new onward journey - a path divine.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation