Secrets of Holistic Living - Law of Limits

Dec 26, 2019
Whatever changes we see in the world, they are basically of two types, either growing or decaying. This process takes place with increasing or decreasing speed and so also the process of decay. The process of growth and decay and its changing speed however reach a limit beyond which it neither grows nor decays. Transformations do take place, but growth and the speed of growing reaches a limiting value beyond which it reverses.

Understanding a natural law helps us to see through the workings of nature. In this case, knowing the law of limits, helps us to keep patience when we are subjected to an uncomfortable process like misery, sickness, etc., especially when we know that it reaches a limiting value after which it reverses. In some cases when we die in a miserable condition, process of transformations takes place to create more favourable conditions for reversal. But the process of reaching a limiting value and then reversing does take place. Near the limit, process of growth or decay slows down so that we feel that we are steady - neither increasing nor decreasing. In fact, process of growth and decay is continuously on.

The law of limits also applies to growth of population, pollution, noise, petrol consumption etc. In case of population, number is brought down by earth quake, tidal wave, war, epidemic etc. Nature has enough weapons in her hands to restore the balance once the limit is reached. When rate at which population is increasing slows down, then process of reversal is nearing. This is the advantage of understanding a natural law.

In case of childhood, when it reaches the limiting value, it transforms itself into a youth. When youth reaches a limiting value, it transforms into old age and old age transforms at the limit to a new cycle of childhood through a discontinuous process of death and rebirth. Knowing the law allows us to co-operate with workings of nature and not get too much attached to wife, children, money, etc. because similar things will also be available in the next cycle.

When wealth or happiness is increasing, knowing the law stops us from being excited because we know that such phenomena reach limiting values after which they reverse. So also regarding poverty and sickness, they reach a limiting value and reverse in the same cycle or through transformation to a new cycle, but no misery, poverty, sickness or unhappiness is permanent. Hence, we can cultivate patience and steadiness of mind.

Ninety percent of illnesses are self-terminating. Even if we do not treat, they reach a limiting value and reverse. As soon as some difficulty comes in the form of sickness, nature starts producing anti-bodies to combat the sickness and thereby speed of sickness slows down indicating approaching limit and transformation. A sickness when it ends is not only a process of healing, but is also a process of transformation in nature's development path.

Alternate cycles of happiness and misery, health and sickness, poverty and prosperity with their alternating limits are a part of nature's development path with a purpose and meaning which is carefully hidden. It is not secret but carefully covered up - sufficient to create an illusion. Such is the way nature works. It requires some copernicus to declare that it is not the sun which is moving round the earth, but the other way. Learning to read the codes message from nature frees us from ego and its consequent misery, law of limits is one such operation.

One of the message nature continually gives us is to warn us - reminds us to closely look at the natural phenomena by living with nature and thus decode its methods of working. Mother nature continuously inviting her divine child to come to her bosom; as soon as the child comes, mother's breast becomes full of milk of understanding which nourishes the child and fulfills the mother.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation