Secrets of Holistic Living - Law of Retribution

Dec 26, 2019
This law popularly known as karmic law deals with a simple fact in our worldly existence that whatever good or bad things we do, comes back to us in a similarity of experience where-in the event is not similar but the experience of an event is more or less similar.

Any human being under the effect of ego does mixed types of actions – some positive and some negative. Invariably his or her present life is also a mixed event - if the business is all right, there may be health problems in the family or sometimes, family relations may be bitter and painful. At times for a part of the life, there may be financial and family problems and part of it may be reasonably happy.

At times, a mixed pattern of few alternate years of comfort and misery slowly going down to a miserable pattern of existence is generated. When such thing happens, we blame the people who have been responsible for such events. Really these events are the result of our actions based on our arrogance, jealousy, prejudices, fanaticism etc. Blaming others or trying to correct an outward situation, we end up in a tight grip to our neck - with law of diminishing returns. We try to solve a problem and it gets confounded.

Presently, business and industry develop hostility to nature by polluting air, wasting water, exploiting earth - more fertilizers, more oil wells, destruction of forests, over exploitation of marine products, rearing animals for meat production, destroying wild life etc. Law of retribution operates by way of famine, war, epidemic, tidal wave, tsunami, earth-quake etc. Only way out is to stop exploiting nature rather than try to prevent natural calamity by new researches.

To some extent, nature's destructive cycle is a part of the development pattern. However, when things go in excess, then nature balances through natural calamity. When one community starts hating another community as in the case of Hindu-Muslim riots, then that hatred is brought down by a natural process of war whereby the futility and misery of war makes people weak, poor and leads them on spiritual path which works in the direction of reducing hatred.

In case of USA and Arab countries, sheer extravagance of a luxurious living results in broken families, addiction to drink, drugs etc. Here law of retribution results in incurable psychological diseases, Aids, Cancer etc.; way out is treatment plus change of life style. Poverty in India is nature's punishment for offences on Harijans and widows and exploitation of farmers and labourers.

Whenever we kill anybody, insult anyone or develop prejudice towards individuals, these negative impressions get stored in our brain. After a time, they attract such individuals who create situations whereby we are exploited, or uncared for or people harm us for no apparent fault on our part. Under these situations, evidence of revenge or hatred is present in our mind. If we accept these situations gracefully, they pass away leaving us purer. This is the teaching of law of retribution. Nothing happens to us for which we are not responsible. Way out of our difficulty is the acceptance of difficulty and not fight outside.

Other corollary of this law is that as soon as we accept the difficulty, nature starts building strength in us to keep calm during such period. 

There is no penalty in nature except what we deserve. That penalty is also the result of repeated ignorance of nature's warning that the path followed by us is wrong. Law of retribution is infinite mercy of nature - because ultimately it is the difficulty which puts us on the right path.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation