Secrets of Holistic Living: Sanctity of Wealth

Jan 27, 2020

Wealth is produced by nature as a result of human work. Purer the mind of a human being producing the wealth, it gets produced in abundance; whereas with an impure or greedy mind, wealth is not produced. For example, in case of agriculture due to famine or draught; or in other methods of manufacturing or trading, it produces losses due to family quarrels and disturbed mind.

Wealth gets attracted towards the mind which is full of compassionate love, mind which becomes serene after progressive extinction of ego.

Wealth when produced should be used up for our own expenses or for expansion of business or for social work. A part can be kept aside for sickness, children's education or some such work which is required for fulfilling house-holder’s responsibility.

It should never be stored beyond necessary minimum because excess always escapes through any available unclean route.

It is possible to produce more wealth, use more wealth, distribute more wealth, but it is never possible to store more wealth. It is theoretically impossible. 

One of the biggest mistake, a human being makes, is to make money out of money by giving it on interest and again by increasing the rate of interest to squeeze the borrower. Not to pay tax on the interest by taking a part of it in an unaccountable manner. To collect No.2 or black money by siphoning money by wrong purchase bills and to invest this money again on interest which is also unaccountable, and lastly to use only interest and keep the unaccounted money safe.

To invest in land, stocks, speculation or mutual funds so that purpose is to earn money without work.

Prophet Mohammed was the first to declare that making money out of money is sin. It is prohibited in Islam. Next was Karl Marx who said the same thing.

Money which is earned by our own work and spent wisely will bring us peace and harmony.

Only certain time should be spent on earning, leaving enough time for family and leisure. There must be a limit that whatever is produced in eight hours of work should be sufficient or I must cut my expenses so that I stay within eight hours work.

Nature provides enough for our needs but never enough for our greed.

While earning we must be careful, to wish well of our competitor. Increase in our wealth, if at all necessary, should be by increasing our efficiency and organizing power.

Borrowing should be limited to twenty-five percent of our capital.

There should be no money with us which cannot be disclosed to others. 

While earning, maximum attention should be paid to keep our mind pure. There should not be boasting, superiority, unfair means, fraud, or showmanship. Respect for family members, relatives, staff members, servants should be one of the aims.

Test of the pure wealth would be that mind will be relaxed, free from disease and number of benevolent works will be undertaken by wealth.

More wealth should lead us to genuine Humility.

Economy is not the minimum use of money so that balance can be invested to earn maximum interest or return as in case of speculation and mutual funds. Economy is the optimum use of money so that balance can be used for helping others who are in need of money.

Genuine wealth earned and optimally saved should lead us to an unanimous, peaceful and joyful life even in the midst of difficulty.

Loss of wealth leads us to strengthening of our weak links; at times, it leads us to spiritual path, cuts extravagant and unnecessary expenditure.

Book excerpt from "Secrets of Holistic Living" by Shri Jayantilal Shah
Published by:
Vasant U. Patel, President
Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research Foundation