‘Self’ and circumstantial situations - Holistic Science Perspective

May 26, 2020
Each one of us passes through different circumstantial situations every moment of life. Mostly we perceive and experience them as good- bad, joyous- sorrowful, critical or even desperate.  Our reactions may be with or without correct understanding. For instance, the whole world is under great distress due to Corona pandemic at present.
Let us have a look how better can one pass through different circumstantial situations using understandings and visions available from ‘Holistic Science of life and living’.

Positive Vision
Do circumstances or situations make us happy, unhappy, stressed, fearful or frustrated?
No, it is our vision, understanding, belief or perception of looking at them, which mostly decides how we experience and pass through them.  Incorrect or incomplete understanding, wrong beliefs or incorrect  vision leads to sorrows and puzzles. Correct understanding, right beliefs or right vision lead to happiness or resolution.  As our understanding becomes correct and aligned with natural laws or natural system, we can remain positive. 
Albert Einstein had said, “There are opportunities in every difficulty.”

His Holiness ‘Dada Bhagwan’ had said, “Favorable is food and unfavorable is Vitamin.” 

“Favorable is food for body self-whereas unfavorable is tonic for spiritual self.” 
“Difficulties work like a speed breaker in life. Without speed breakers, vehicles may run at accelerated speeds and there may be serious accidents.” In addition, “Difficulties make us stronger and mature from within.” 

One may try to change circumstantial situation but it may or may not be changed. However, our vision or perception can  be changed enabling us to pass through with positive outlook.

‘It Happens’- ‘Role of Scientific Circumstantial Evidences’ 
What is in our realm and what is not?  We can try our best in given situations. However, outcome may or may not be as per our expectations. When it is as per our expectation, we say, “I did it”. When it is adverse or contrary to our expectation, we say, “What can I do? I tried my best. Someone made a mistake or situation was not favorable.”  We don’t know what is in our realm and what is not? In all happenings, so many circumstances from gross to subtle come together. Even if a single circumstantial evidence is lacking, outcome may not be accomplished. 

Are all these circumstantial evidences in our control or command? There is no one in the world who can control or command all of it. It happens.  There is an organized natural regulatory system, which operates through scientific circumstantial evidences.  
In this part of happenings, we are not independent doer but we are instrumental doer. Hence, we should do our best with best of our understanding, abilities, care and caution. Then leave rest to nature.  

This natural regulatory system works very accurately based on numerous inputs from whole of humankind and connecting past, present and future.  Abnormalities in collective human nature and behavior are reflected in nature. Nature does corrective and balancing act.  There can be irregularity or fallacy in manmade systems but there is none in natural system. There is no injustice in Natural system as it is accurate and impartial. Hence, whatever has happened is correct as per Natural laws and Natural regulatory system.  Before happening, we must try our best but after it has happened, it is correct as per natural law.  

All circumstantial situations pass away    
All situations, good or bad are to pass  in due course of time. One as ‘Self’ always remains. In fact, if understood, ‘Self’ is just a witness or knower-seer to all these passing phases inner and outer.  

In given situation of Corona pandemic, we must exercise all care and caution.  We should practice - physical distancing, sanitization, wearing masks and if required taking medical help. Humankind is trying to fight it collectively and efforts to find vaccine and treatment are on. We should do best possible at all levels- Individual, familial, social, national and global. 

Along with it is nature’s call to rise high and live with better or transformed understandings. 

All care and cautions are necessary but there should not be worry or undue stress. Some people may suffer from actual disease but rest of the whole world is suffering due to mental distress. As said before Holistic, science understandings will help us stay stable and positive at mental and spiritual level. 

Rise high - Change attitudes and living 
So far, we may have lived more for our relative or mundane material pleasures or gains. This crisis may lead us to introspect if we are living correctly and as humans. 

We should have attitude of love, share and care. How can I be helpful to my fellow human being?  How can I offer happiness and possible support to fellow living beings? In fact, before offering happiness and help to others, I myself feel happiness and fulfillment. Before helping others, I am being helped myself. 

Love is one, which is free of conditions and expectations. In fact, when I love others unconditionally, I am loved myself in that my heart will always remain full. 
It is nature’s call to humankind to change attitudes. Attitudes of helping, obliging, loving, caring and sharing would help us all. It is time to have vision of oneness. Holistic Science visions would lead to a new world within and then without. 

Inner purification 
At Individual level, it is time to introspect. With pure conscious, one should see what all wrongs or mistakes have been committed so far. There may have been several types of mistakes or offences like, hurting others including our family members or colleagues ,  indulging in unethical sensual pleasures, illicit  relations , unlawful wealth ,  using our intellect to take advantage of others , back biting , pulling others down and so many others .  Whatever is hidden and we are ashamed of is a sin. One can use spare time to review all these. Do confession within, ask for forgiveness and decide not to repeat such mistakes again.   These will relieve us from burden of past mistakes and lead us to a more serene or purer inner self. 

Remain alert and take precautions but remain fear free. Nothing is to happen out of natural laws and natural system. If our karmic atoms and molecules are not due for such happening then it may not come to us. If they are then it may not be preventable. However, we will pass through with inner positive attitude, steadiness and strength. More so, we will take this call of nature to rise high and become a better human being. It is more important as to how we live and not how long we live. 

Our Real identity 
As last ultimate subtle truth, who perishes? There are two parts of our existence. Part of ‘my’ or ‘mine’ is temporary or ever changing. My house, my money, my relations, and my body –all have a beginning and an end. However, one who knows that these are temporary, has to be permanent or without a beginning and an end. If one knows the knower, one has known everything. True self remains just as knower and unaffected of Corona or any happenings. 

If one seeks to realize this ultimate truth as to real identity of one’s own real self then it will give one a vision which can transform everything and make one completely fear free including fear of so called death. Many Enlightened ones have described it as ultimate truth of life. 

Nature has its function, which may be beyond intellectual comprehension. However, let us try to hear its call to make our living more meaningful.

I and we pray for peace, happiness and wellbeing of all on this planet earth. 

- Dr.  Shaileshanand
Eye Surgeon, Vadodara, India.  
(This is a brief overview of Holistic Science visions and aspirants are requested to know or study in detail to have transformational and long lasting benefits.)