A tribute to Shri Kanudadaji - Founder of Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation

Sep 30, 2020

Mr. K.K.Patel, devotionally known as Param Pujya Shree (PPS) Kanudadaji, is a direct link of the science of Holisticism and Absolutism known as ‘AKRAM VIGNAN’. He grew under the loving scrutiny of Dada Bhagwan and was the divine temple of Holistic Science. Dada Bhagwan bestowed on PPS Kanudadaji his infinite grace and blessings to carry on the spiritual renaissance.

Fueled by his overwhelming desire for Jagat Kalyan (well-being of the entire human race) PPS Kanudadaji travelled all over the world, transforming the aspiring souls into living examples of the harmonious blissful living. He was instrumental in founding of Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation (HSCRF) and its chapters in major US cities. HSCRF’s mission is to use Holistic Science to combine all available knowledge from science, technology, and spirituality to develop new approaches to solve age-old problems of our lives so that we may live harmoniously with one another and start to recognize, cherish, and sustain the natural treasures we have taken for granted. The cherished desire of Kanudadaji was to present the global application of Five Precepts and necklace of Nine Diamonds- ideal mode of living that would subtly result in normal and natural life. HSCRF became an instrument to spread the wealth of Holistic Science to the world through seminars, publications and live discourses.

Although PPS Kanudadaji left his physical body, he lives within all of us through the five precepts. His divine presence can be felt every day by the souls that he touched through his divine grace.

- On Behalf of HSCRF Board Members and Center Leaders