A Tribute to HSCRF President Dr. Radhe Krishnan

Oct 10, 2020

HOLISTIC SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTER USA (HSCRF.ORG) / INDIA (V VC R F.ORG) It is extremely heartbreaking that we share the news of the demise of our President and friend - Mahatma Dr. Radhebhai P. Krishnan, passed away on May 28, 2020 in Oak Ridge, TN.

He attended Anna University in Chennai, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He went on to complete a Master’s degree at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, followed by a brief period of study at Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia. He continued his graduate work at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND, and ultimately received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS.

Dr. Krishnan’s career was centered on his integral role in envisioning and building Indo-U.S. cooperation in the Indian power sector. He was instrumental in the bilateral cooperation between India and the U.S. in his field and was a key implementor for various projects on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE). In particular, Dr. Krishnan served as a technical advisor and coordinator for several collaborative projects in the Indian power sector funded by U.S. federal agencies, including the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. DOE, and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and its predecessor organizations. He was a driving force in the creation of the Center for Power Efficiency and Environmental Protection (CENPEEP) ― an organization with a mission of transferring technologies, best practices and technical assistance to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants in India and considered this one of his proudest professional achievements. Dr. Krishnan authored and coauthored over 100 technical articles, reports and presentations in the fields of energy, environmental and power generation technologies. At the height of his career he was an internationally known expert in a range of areas concerning coal power technologies, including fluidized bed combustion (FBC), integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), pyrolysis and gasification, liquefaction, plant operations, maintenance, condition assessment, efficiency improvement, environmental emissions monitoring and control, and the utilization of coal combustion by-products.

Dr. Krishnan was a deeply religious and spiritual man as well as a committed scientist. Born into a traditional Hindu Brahmin family, he assiduously upheld and passed on the traditions and values of his forebears. Over the course of his life his spiritual journey encompassed many faiths and philosophies and it was not uncommon for him to cite the Bible alongside the Vedas in conversation. He was one of the first Mahatmas to receive Gnan from Shri Dada Bhagwan in the USA in 1982. He lived the remaining 38 years of his life devoted to understanding, adhering to and sharing the precepts of Shri Dada Bhagwan. His daily bhakti for Dadaji was no less than that of Hanumanji of Shri Ram. The Five Precepts naturally and constantly carried forth in his day to day life. He was a founding member of JSS USA and since then, he has been a pillar of JSS and loved by Mahatmas worldwide. He was instrumental in the construction of Mahavideh Tirthdham in Surat and later for the Holistic Science Research Center. His devotion for Shri Dada Bhagwan will be an example for generations of Mahatmas to come. Dr. Krishnan’s spiritual journey is exemplified by his work with the Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation (HSCRF), an organization set up with a mission to “share knowledge, promote research, and further the understanding of Holistic Science, or the science of consciousness as it relates to matter.” Dr. Krishnan was instrumental in founding and leading the HSCRF, most recently serving as its president, and helping to organize international conferences, contributing papers and bringing its message to the world.

Dr. Radhebhai Krishnan’s contributions to HSCRF will remain treasured forever. His legacy will continue through his wife, Dr. Lalitaben Krishnan and daughter and son, Sharanya and Ram.