Discovering the World WIthin

Nov 01, 2020
From the time we are able to communicate as little people, we are taught to learn this and learn that! We are conditioned from an extremely young age to adopt the beliefs of those who care for us and emulate the behavior of those who raise us. This is necessary to development and shapes our beliefs and conditions our behavior from a very young age. 

If we are lucky enough to be raised by those who teach us to look "within" for answers to our questions from an early age, we have mastered what some take a lifetime to learn! The heart holds all the wisdom one needs to get through life. Yet, in our superficial world so full of etiquette and so-called "civilized" living, we are conditioned from early on to turn a deaf ear to what our "heart" tells us! 

As we get older, we look for role models. If there is little or no love in the home, we look for role models outside the home to find someone to emulate as a role model that feels right for us. It could be a teacher, a coach, an aunt, an uncle, a sister, a brother or any person who somehow makes us feel loved, valued, and cared for. In some cases if there is no love found anywhere, it becomes us against the world. If there is love in the home, we strive to make them proud. So, it becomes a circle of searching for an identity that makes us feel worthy in the world and satisfies our needs as a human being to live a meaningful life. As we make others proud, there may be some satisfaction, but that happiness does not last. All the goals that are achieved, the degree, the career, the marriage partner, the status, the wealth, the fame, whatever it may be gives happiness that dwindles at some point. So, we are actually searching for an ultimate purpose for our lives without really knowing that this process is occurring. 

The search continues on-and-on until finally at some point most people hit a rock of some sort. Either they lose someone very dear to them tragically, lose millions in wealth, a very intimate relationship comes to an end, a career of many years fall apart or something occurs that causes the heart to break bringing the relative ego to its knees. This is usually a turning point for most people that force them to withdraw "within" in order to keep from falling apart altogether. Many people call this depression. However, it could also be viewed as the human heart beckoning the person to look "within" for wisdom, direction and answers to life's dilemmas. The human being that unknowingly had turned a deaf ear to the heart suddenly has a broken heart. This is are dalert! This means that there is a dire need of attention "within". There needs to be a healing that must take place. The only way for this to occur is finding the treasures that reside "within". The tragedy is actually a blessing in disguise. The events and people in life that humble us are the greatest gifts unbeknownst to us until after we discover the treasures that reside within. 

The process of discovering the world within starts out as a grueling one. It is never any fun to take something that is broken and fix it. If a Mikasa heart breaks, the pieces look nothing like the original piece. However, the pieces are still all there! So, the process of re-building, welding, molding requires creativity and inspiration. Usually, a transformation takes place. The original heart and the newly healed heart do not even compare to each other! The healed heart is open because it was broken in the first place. The healed heart flows with compassion, wisdom and peace because of the experiences it has endured as well as the healing process itself. The healed heart spontaneously is instrumental in healing others because the wisdom of experience has been cemented. 

Within we find that there is a continuous set of dialogues that go on. The louder one usually wins! The voices we turned a deaf ear to before suddenly become very loud and clear and our power to choose the voice that fits our purpose in life becomes much stronger. The voice that wants temporary pleasures of the senses verus the voice of our high consciousness is continually at odds with one another. When we realize that real happiness comes from giving rather than receiving, the voice of our higher consciousness wins more often. This comes from experience and experience alone. 

As we become more mature as human beings, we realize that our purpose on this earth is not about what we do, how much money we have, what car we drive, what degrees we have or even our family name. What really counts is what our presence on this earth emanates. We realize that BE-ing is so much more important than DO-ing. The doing is something that happens whether we like it or we do not like it! We get out of bed, brush our teeth, have breakfast, drive, go to work, cook, clean, and tend do all the matters that arise as a part of daily living. The BE- ing involves cultivating virtues that come from the heart center; virtues such as humility, peace, devotion, sincerity, morality, innocence, courage, strength, tenderness, thoughtfulness, generosity, patience, serenity, solace, and wisdom. Tapping into our inner world enables us to have clarity of vision and purpose. from the heart, life becomes meaningful at every level. True wisdom is born. 

- Shailaben Mulji, Hollywood, CA – Holsitic Science of Life & Living, Vol II - 2014