Natural Living: Utilize mind-speech-body for common good

Nov 01, 2020
Our mind–speech–body should be used to oblige others. It should be one's latent aim- inherent desire to live to help others. 

Positive living denotes not to negate any living aspect of nature as far as possible. Only then can one get synchronized with nature, as one is part and parcel of nature. 
What can be the best method of such living? It can be only to live for others, to live for obliging and helping others in trying to make them happy and it is very much in one's self–interest. It is regarded as natural living. In human form one has 'power', which is ‘bhavsatta’ or living as 'I am the name bearer' with power of 
decisions or power of projections. To have such power is a valuable natural gift and also a significant achievement of this present human form. 

Thus, human life as a basic asset is very precious and valuable. If its value is properly realized, life would not be lost in vain. Whatever power one has, is the power to live as ''I am'' and if that is meant to oblige others, it is the best use. While living for others, one's overall self-interest is automatically taken care of. In this manner, the power of being or living as 'I am', known as ‘bhavsatta’ can be regarded as used in the best way.

What is meaningful living? 
We can see many obliging personalities around us. People with obliging nature would rise high or evolve as per natural rule. So our attitude from within should be for obliging others. If so, it would be a meaningful living. 

What is regarded as the best form of human living? 
As such, it can be expected that in any family, social or other relations, one should strive to live with obliging nature. This obliging mode is from within, by way of our inner attitudes or our willingness. Living like this would naturally take one to progressively higher states of being. Our hearty inclination, as to ‘how can I be helpful to others, how can I do something good for others’ - is all that would make the best humane living. In the present age, this is the most simple straight forward path or approach. Even though outer circumstances may not change, from within, our inclination and willingness ought to be to live for the good for others, to live in such a way that nobody is hurt. Such a living, rich from within, would be an ideal one. 

Mind–speech–body as available to us is a natural formation. When 'nature' is always helpful to all, why cannot this mind-speech-body as a natural formation be useful and helpful to others? This essential or core meaning of the whole natural formation was revealed by Soul Incarnate Dada Bhagwan. 

Those with obliging nature are 'super human'. Such human beings are eager to oblige others in any situation in life. Even in adverse circumstances, such persons would not compromise with their nature. 

There are only two aspects of everything: 'Positive' and 'Negative'. If we keep negative attitudes, how would nature be helpful to us? Our life dictionary should not have anything negative even in words. 

Natural Living is Positive Living 
Positive living denotes not to negate any living aspect of nature as far as possible. Only then can one get synchronized with nature, as one is part and parcel of nature. 
Our Body is a natural formation and if it remains natural and subject to nature it would work wonderfully. Natural role is one wherein nobody is hurt. 

Holistic Inner living should be in accordance with the following principal prayers: 
Ü “Let my mind-speech-body not hurt any living being in the world, even to the slightest extent. Ü Let my mind- speech-body make one and all happy.
Ü Let everyone in the world attain peace and happiness.” 

Example of a Tiger: 
An apt example is that of a tiger: A tiger in a cage is very hungry and yet for its food it remains dependent on nature. Searching for food in the cage, it sees some tweeds at the roof and stands up on its feet to grab them. But as it is not natural for a tiger to have vegetarian food, it does not accept it. So it is natural for even an animal like a tiger to accept food, only which is as per its nature and not otherwise, even though it is hungry. When an animal like a tiger lives naturally, why can't we humans do the same? So it is the divine message of Soul Incarnate Dada Bhagwan which says, “In this Unique Life Science one can live as a guest of nature, in accordance with natural systems and natural laws.” 

How Obstacles arise in Life? 
They are due to unnatural living. One needlessly interferes in natural happenings. What are obstacles or hindrances due to? They are due to crookedness or lack of straight-forwardness. If we interfere in natural happenings, it would certainly lead to obstacles. 
Causal interferences have now resulted into effects. Somebody donated generously and after a while a friend remarked, “Oh, it was not worth donating here. How did you commit this mistake?” When the donation is already made what is the purpose of such remarks? Such a negative remark creates needless confusion for others. We many times create obstacles for ourselves too! 

How does human life become unnatural? 
Human living has become unnatural. At the time of birth it is a natural process and physical mind-speech-body result as a natural formation. So, being born as a natural formation, living is not unnatural since birth. 
Whatever nature ('prakruti') or the sum total of cause-effect ('karmic') stocks of the whole life–span one brings, is being regulated and discharged naturally throughout life, as a fruit or fate. A similar process of discharge occurs in all four formats of life. But, why is it that only in human form it becomes unnatural during the process of natural discharge mind-speech-body wise? It is a big question as it does not happen so in any other life form. 

Now, in the process of natural discharge, various phases pass-by as effects or resultant fruits. If one believes that, “It is my suffering or my effects”, it is only a wrong belief. Because of this wrong belief, human life gets unnatural. The body itself is a part and parcel of nature. But since we are not aware of this aspect, we do not live with that understanding. Nature is a part of our body, just as our body is a part of Nature. 

'Natural Life' as an Instrumental Agency 
Natural life should be lived as an instrumental agency, subject to 'natural power'. Human life is the state of an instrumental agency with mutual interactive instrumental aspects. In the natural system one is an instrument and all others are also instruments as per individual and interconnected existing accounts. 

One is there in all natural dealings with such instrumental aspects. The other one is also dealing with us like an instrument. As, nobody can be an 'independent' doer, natural regulatory power ('Vyavshthit Shakti') is instrument of 'scientific circumstantial evidences.' One in whom perfect instrumental agency state is manifest, and lives with an open mind, automatically accumulates natural evidences effortlessly. 

How does an 'instrumental agency' function...? 
It works as an 'instrumental doer...' The world as a natural formation merely has a form comprising of an instrumental agency with various mutually interacting instrumental aspects, as per Karmic accumulations. No one is aware of this fact but all are struggling to resolve this mystery. 

Plants in a garden blossom but only when all conditions like soil, weather, nourishment, etc. are properly combined at the correct time. For a flower to blossom, it needs all natural evidences properly. Likewise humans are also special natural flowers. Will it be a pleasure if these flowers wither or fade? How would life be if one keeps on having clashes and fights at home? 

Dada Bhagwan imparted vision and explained that our own home itself is a nice garden, having different varieties of flowers in the form of different personalities. So it should be enjoyed with proper interaction amongst all at home. One can enjoy life to its brim. 

*Extracted from Holistic Science of Human Life & Nature as Revealed by HDH Shri Kanudadaji, ed. Parikh P. C. Dr., pages 36-43, HSRC, Surat 2013,